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  1. we'll see if the pash rush can keep contain
  2. When has he ever said anything with any substance... looked up his resume, i've seen high school kids more qualified https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Florio
  3. I get a bit of a Thanos vibe seeing him smile... not a bad thing
  4. shocked...they threw up the smoke screen of we don't need #1 corners
  5. look at it this way Jet's fans running the show... both ESPN and NFL Network... i'll watch NFL network to avoid Kiper... miss Mike Mayock
  6. Laken mentioned him like 3-4 times that he was part of his reason to come here... oh well
  7. It's hard to call 2 plays "The Drive" As for the lack of defense, is it that defenses get more tired than the offenses, can't see that... Seems to me it's the Defensive play calling possibly, although Romo was pointing out that Buffalo on the Kelce play to get in field goal range was being too aggressive there, when he thought that Mahomes had to get rid of it quick anyway so why not drop more into coverage.
  8. From some articles I see they're saying about a 16mil cap hit for Mosley next year and talk of the Jets needing to walk away... https://heavy.com/sports/new-york-jets/time-part-ways-cj-mosley-2022/ ...but we have to keep him, not sure if they can re-structure his deal, but love him getting the boys going in Buffalo... https://www.instagram.com/p/CYhipsBtcBa/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. Agreed...might have set the single season record for a receiver on penalties...def if you equate it with playing time. And he's def a bust, but I would say most of the fans thought he was a steal where we got him... and alot wanted him even earlier...oh well
  10. why don't we just change the coach every year
  11. Any one going? My daughter goes to a school 1:30 min away from Buffalo so I brought her back to school today... tomorrow we're driving to Buffalo, tailgating with a mix of fans/family from her school and I'm just looking for a respectable effort from both units...seems the D is somewhat heathy so IF the offense (wounded) can give enough of an effort to not keep the D on the field all the time, could be a fun day... and snow could make it a cool experience.
  12. guess what next year we start un-defeated in the division...in the afce..in the league... what does past record matter if we start to get this right... IF not then you're right, but i'm starting to see promise...
  13. Can't get this thread unless it's to argue over the 4th RB on this team... and how are we struggling to get a running game going?
  14. at the saleh presser they asked coming out of the time out why wasn't he told to hand off...good question...and maybe saleh needs to learn there that he can make the call right there and tell the kid to execute and not change it up
  15. says he saw the A gap open...they jumped on that as a lie showing the tape...
  16. not to defend them, but they did say it was his best game, but then the coach said that Zach should have taken the Berrios handoff and they feel Zach called his own number on the sneak because he wanted the glory...not sure I believe that... but Zach saying the A gap was open so he snuck it, but the tape shows there was no opening
  17. the 2 guys I thought of too...has to be something like that for these short easy throws
  18. They're going about this all wrong, it's obviously the holder at this point...
  19. Amendola was a better punter than he seems to be a kicker... let him punt and kick off an get a consistent kicker
  20. i'd rather they go for it then try a 54 yarder and give ht bengals the ball at the spot of the kick...
  21. If you post this like 5 more times I'll believe it
  22. I love it, but I think we need to pump the brakes a little... every 3 plays it was like the Titan's lost another O-lineman, so their line was a bit compromised... but I do like it
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