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  1. If anything they prove that there is no model... they pulled Lynch out of thin air and made him GM.... So really the model is find good people no matter where they come from.... but it could have failed just as easily as it has seemed to go right...
  2. Under throws on deep balls are understandable...takes alot of work to get that right, judging where he'll be when a long throw reaches him at hist top speed. those I can live with. these were the crossing routes that were badly overthrown (high and with no touch...things I had not seen Sam really do before)... it's possible he's thinking too much now, i guess as you get to know more maybe you have to also work on the skill of not getting locked up . (the old paralysis by analysis)
  3. I liked Quinen's game (tough miss on the sack try) but he was in the backfield on many plays... the facemask wasn't a bad play by him he went for the tackle and his hand ended up on the helmet... tough to re-adjust it at that point and I thought he didn't grab the face mask, but in real time that's pretty tough to determine. shame he got hurt
  4. Yeah early in the year it was pointless to have PI part of the replay, but at some point they started to look at it fairly... I guess it sounds bias since it helped us, but I like that they get a play like that right... I didn't like the earlier PI on us that negated the INT or the roughing the passer (or the PF for hitting the receiver when he tries to duck between 2 defenders), but I did like this crew as far as they mostly let the teams play and there wasn't a holding call every 5 seconds or on every kick return...
  5. The only 2 things Jay feely commented on today that he had any business commenting on were missed field goals and breaking jet fans hearts...
  6. If Sam made better throws to Robby his stats would have been much better... he's not going to break tackles but I don't think we can let this guy walk.... now that they started using him more underneath he gets open and has very strong hands ...
  7. I don't see how destroying a guy and ending up lying on his leg is a hold... if the guy tried to get up and he was holding his leg then fine...but that play was not a hold...the one in the endzone was a hold
  8. Actually if you look over the schedule we game 4 winless teams their first win... Buffalo week 1, Cleveland week 2, Miami and now Bengals....
  9. https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1199546894466404352?s=20
  10. ...but you did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night
  11. Saw on a Raider blog or something them complaining about the refs for the roughing the passer, which I agree with, but then saying that this hit was way to early....to me he got there perfectly timed with the ball...in slow motion possibly a tic before, but at real speed he was perfect... anyone else?
  12. Adrenaline is a big time pain killer...when it wears off...ouch!
  13. On the drive where Giants went up 27-21, this 3-11 that they converted was huge, but should have been a delay of game. Just wondering if these are challengeable if missed by the refs?
  14. Right we remember your convertible...
  15. To me the Giant / Jets fans were screwed with the PSL because when used in Dallas, you were buying a seat license that meant you would get first choice to buy a ticket for that seat for any event held there.... now with the Met Life PSL they basically sold the license to a single seat to 2 different people... and if you bought the Jet one that really only gave you a license for a jet ticket to that that seat.... nothing more... Not sure why anyone bought these....
  16. Other INT attempts you can say he should have caught, but the one yesterday was just a great play...if he caught that too would have been an amazing play.... the day would have been perfect if he had stopped Elliot in the hole at the goal line, but... Also, as good as Jamal's play was on the 2pt conversion if Marcus wasn't draped on Witten he would have caught that...thank god the refs didn't flag him for a physical play of a receiver within 5yds
  17. On the D I think, even-though he's a mccagnan pick, i've been impressed with Blake Cashman... not perfect but for a rookie pushed into action he's playing well and hopefully getting better each game
  18. Totally agree with this, said it at the time this happend... when does a QB become a runner????
  19. I this one of those I told you so posts?? I still wouldn't want him, he misses the easy throws...does make some athletic throws and runs well, but I can't see him making it through a complete season with the hits he takes and how reckless he is diving head first for first downs and trying to jump over people. but maybe you're right...don't really see what good that does a Jets fan at this point...
  20. didn't they both suck sunday? Mayfield did it with alot more weapons...
  21. Isn' that we call all our kickers? That Ficken kicker missed again.... 🥵

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