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  1. Think about it. One of your own legends is smacking your current organization. We have our own troubles, but we don't have one of our own talking about our organization before a Nationally televised game.
  2. http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/Joe-Namath-cites-Jets-lack-of-discipline.html Namath said the arrest and the aftermath have left a distinct negative impact on the team. "Players, every day, every hour, they're hearing about it, someone's talking to them about it," Namath said. "It's no doubt it's a major distraction." And Namath pointed out that acquiring Edwards might not have been such a wise move. Edwards was arrested for assaulting a LeBron James friend shortly before the Jets traded for him. "I'd have to talk with the folks that evaluate the personnel we have because they're not picking the sharpest folks, mentality-wise, when you consider past performances off the field as well," he said.
  3. Mods you can delete this thread if you like. It has drifted so far from what it was intended.
  4. I think you miss the point as well. It is not about the playoffs at all. That was not even a thought when I posted this, and sorry that you couldn't see my point. I can't stand the Pats, and would rather see the Jets take the division then the Pats.
  5. It was not meant that way. I just rather see the Jets win. I don't want to even think about getting to the playoffs, and get whacked the first game.
  6. I wish you guys and gals the very best against the Pats! Hopefully you come out with a victory!
  7. I like what Ryan is doing now. I am worry that Tony for the Dolphins is going the other way and getting soft when it comes to holding players accountable on a regular basis. Best of luck this weekend bro!
  8. Any given weekend. We were beat by a team that wanted it more today. Congrats to them.
  9. We lost, and it stinks. Did we do some things good and others not so good. Yes, there are areas both on the field and the sidelines that need to get corrected. I am not a fan of Hennings play calling. The defense didn't get any pressure on Brady at all. We need to learn from the loss, and move forward as a team.
  10. It took a month to get this started again. Two calls, and one email. It is very important to know what you were receiving every month. You must know the exact figure when calling if not they will not help you. Just a heads up. i don't want to see anyone else go through this. I had direct deposit, and they stopped that. When you move just make sure they are on your list to notify.
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