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    The Bitch
  1. hey i need a last minute single from someone who can meet me at the game or the port authority bus terminal. i will be taking a train to the bus to the stadium unless i get cheap doubles and my mother decides to come. it owuld be somewhat of a gift to her and im broke.... anywho PM or EMAIL me @ sirkeeb@gmail.com or keeb@optonline.net, both for good measure. thanks in advance. lets go bollywood! =KEEB
  2. Whats up Faba? Nice seeing you @ the game, definately a good person to watch a game with. Maybe we'll do it again sometime. As for Bellicheck. I agree. I think i said something along these lines to you during the game. I referred to the on field cameras and said that they either should have goal line cameras, or that they did. Personally i assumed they did, cuz it would be stupid without them, but i guess i could have been wrong. I agree though, there should be GL cameras. Its not hard to set up.
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