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  1. We? You are the only one pissing me off, it doesn't have anything to do with anyone else. I thought it was just an act from you, but your just a doosh. Youre right, I'm too emotionally vested in this. It's just a game, it's not worth it.
  2. Oh **** off with your high and mighty bullsh*t. If anyone ever told me that something that I said about them was personally hurting them, I'd stop. I tried to hint to you more subtly that you are pulling on something you shouldn't, but your too dense to take a hint.
  3. lol again, quit acting like CTM and you are equals. CTM is funny. You use something personal that I shared with you guys as a reason to attack my physical appearance, and it isn't funny to me. You are just being a playground bully and its pissing me off. So find something else to **** with about me. Otherwise **** off, I'm done here.
  4. I get that this is the first time in your whole life you've been considered popular, it's a lot of pressure. Not every joke can be a winner.
  5. Dude GFY, you aren't being funny, and aren't being a funny doosh, you're just being a doosh. Learn when the thread you are tugging on is funny, and when it's a whiff.
  6. Can you close them before Jif gets back? That would be the cherry topping on a great roster
  7. Leelou can we follow 72/24 or some schedule of predictable deadlines? Empire State was great game but the dragged out phases was a total burnout
  8. With Smash and mines powers combined, we should have CTM lynched on D1 no problem
  9. You say I'm mini CTM, CTM says I'm ApeGunior... I must be some kind of grotesque hybrid
  10. I'd be banned in a second, I have no tolerance for that PG13 B***S*** most of the reason I play this damn game is that I can be enough of a doosh here that it's out of my system and I'm somewhat tolerable in RL
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