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  1. Indeed, in his first season Allen's Won-Loss Record was 5-6, 10 TDs to 12 Ints., QB rating of 67.9, Completion% of 52,8. Does that sound like somebody on the road to Canton ?
  2. It's still too early to get a feel for this Class. Jones was landed on the best team and had the best season of the bunch. But his performance in the playoff game Saturday Night showed the team was carrying him. Trevor Lawrence landed in the worst situation and looked crappy most of the season until the last game of the season when he put on an impressive performance. It's a shame there there will be a new Coaching Staff in Jacksonville next. That will set things back for him. Zach Wilson was the tale of two Seasons. He got off to a shaky start and looked overwhelmed by the pace of t
  3. Signed Sealed and Delivered. The Beat Down of the Patsies is complete
  4. Ya think the the Bills have one more TD in them. Just to crack 50
  5. What do you call a Buffalo Bill with a Super Bowl Ring ?
  6. The Patriots actually scored a touchdown. But not before they ate 7 minutes off the clock. The Bills can put it in cruise control and and run the ball the rest of the night.
  7. The rout is on. Next stop for the Bills is 40 Points
  8. The Phish will be a mess next year. The Jets lock on the AFC East Cellar is over
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