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  1. Power flows from the top. Ownership of the New York Jets has been pretty awful outside of the few years at the start when Werblin was running it.
  2. Woody Johnson attained ownership of the Jets only a few months before Pennington was drafted. That decision was made by Bill Parcells who was running the show for an incapacitated Leon Hess. Leon Hess was no prize package himself either.
  3. On ProFootballTalk posted a video on Youtube this morning regard the Jets situation in light of the debacle in the Meadowlands last (Thursday) Night. The video is 38 Minutes long but well worth the time to view. Florio points out that Zach Wilson's time with the Jets has come to an end. Nit because Zach's performance in the game was dreadful but the likelihood of righting the situation in New York in the near future is unlikely. Florio has pointed out the Jets have devoted 3 Very Early Draft Picks in top quarterback prospects all of them to come up lemons. That includes Mark Sanchez. Shareen also points out the Jets had Geno Smith who they would also jettison. And Smith would find success with Seattle. Florio then points out that if the very bad situation Zach turns ugly the Jets will wind up on The No Draft List with future top prospects. Florio points out the common thread is this series of debacles is not the head coach, not the Front Office but sits squarely with Ownership. Florio points out the Jets have a winning with a glaring hole at QB. And if its not rectified quickly the entire operation could implode. I won't post a link but will post the video's title. Plug it into the search engine. New York Jets' playoff hopes die along side Wilson's career in NY
  4. Read order is determined by the play called, usually set by the OC. BTW Corey Davis has had anything resembling a respectable performance since Week 4 and had 1 Catch on 3 Targets against the Bears
  5. Why isn't Denzel Mims considered in your list of choices ? Are you aware of Davis numbers versus Mims in last week's game ? BTW I expect White to throw the ball to the first Wide Receiver he finds open. Who ever that may be.
  6. Two weeks ago the Jets Offense posted a pitiful performance in the Game with the Patriots in Foxborough Massachusetts. The player most responsible for the performance is Zach Wilson. The two players most directly affected are Wide Receivers Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore. Both players spoke out to the media following that game. Both WRs had seen little of the ball over the past 6 weeks. Zach was clearly not reading the field and not throwing the ball to either Wide Receiver. Both Wide Receivers spoke out to the press calling out the poor play of the offense. While not addressing the matter of Zach Wilson's play they left no doubt where responsibility lied for the matter. Fast forward one week to the Post Game news interviews following the Jets victory thumping the Chicago Bears. When addressing the matter of the improved play of the Offense Garrett Wilson was cautious and circumspect. He acknowledged a necessary move had been made by the Jet Coaching Staff but also expressed the fact of the serious ramifications of the moved. A key player's future with the team had been thrown into doubt. When Elijah Moore was questioned about the change in QB and how it affected the team. Moore treated the football like a long lost lover and pantomimed a renewed lover affair. Moore did this with a wistful grin conveying a sense of vindication. This conduct was similar to that which he displayed when he demanded a trade a month earlier. In Elijah Moore's world everything revolves around Elijah Moore. It's interesting to note that Denzel Mims has cleverly stayed out of this fracas despite calling on the coaching staff to elevate him to that of a starting WR back during training camp. It would seem apparent Elijah Moore's head strong self centered attitude is wearing thin with the Jet Coach. And if it continues I would not be surprised to see Joe Douglas honor Moore's request for a trade even if the team has to cut its losses. The Jets are in line to finish this season vying for a playoff berth. Does Elijah Moore think that if he is traded he will wind up on a team in a similar situation at the end of the 2023 season ? Or will he wind up catch balls on a team that is one of the dregs of the NFL, like Houston, Jacksonville oreven the NY Giants. Be careful what you wish for Elijah or you just might get
  7. IDK But I have a feeling this episode makes it into the next edition of Madden.
  8. CBS has announced the NFL has elected to move the site of the game to Ford Field in Detroit. Same Day and Same Time. Looks like the Brownies got a raw deal
  9. I wonder if the Brownies will leave early and book a couple extra days in their hotel ? If they get caught out do they forfeit the game ?
  10. No amount of hate is too small when it comes to assessing ones attitude toward Mumbles. Although I would hold something back this time to save it for the playoff game when we meet them again. Then JAM IT UP THEIR RECTUMS in front of a National TV Audience ! ! ! !
  11. Not me. But I do enjoy a good game in the snow especially when other teams play them. Chubb could have some fun !
  12. Looks interesting For the Jets vs Patriots in Foxborough Sunny and Fair with a high of 42 Degrees F For the Brownies vs Buffalo at Rich Stadium A major lake effect storm will roll into Buffalo Friday and continue Saturday. As much as 31 inches of snow is predicted to fall. The weather forecast calls for clearing by Game Time Sunday. Pray that the storm slows down or grows bigger by time it arrives in Buffalo. Weather could give the Cleveland Offense which favors the run a big edge !
  13. Moore has 29 targets for the entire season (6 Games) Interestingly enough Moore got 21 of those 29 targets in the first 3 Games of the year when Flacco was the QB. Yet I don't read from any of the Elijah Moore supporters saying that Flacco should be still calling signals. Quite to the contrary, those of us that called for Flacco to remain the Starting QB for just one more game against Pittsburgh were met with jeers and hisses saying "this is Zach's Team" yet Zach throws only 8 balls Elijah Moore's way. When Elijah Moore makes a stink about it some of the same people that defiled Flacco calling for Zach now side with Moore in this row. That's what I call Fickle Fans. BTW now that Zach is back in there the team needs to stay with him. And until Moore issues a public apology to his teammates (which I haven't seen yet) he stays benched.
  14. The Jets QB might not see anything with the All Black Helmut along with the All Black Uniform. That blends in pretty good with the turf. Makes me wonder what the Jet Front Office is thinking when they scheme up this stuff
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