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  1. Sportrac and OTC get their numbers from the League Office. Cimini's twitter tweet regarding Gardner's Contract was published before the League released its figures. Indiana Jet made two allegation without supplying hard evidence to support them. 1) CBS NFL obtained its numbers on the Ahmad Gardner Contract from Rich Cimini 2) Rich Cimini's numbers on the Ahmad Gardner contract are "over reported" Cimini has not disclosed where he received the information on the Ahmad Gardner contract. Nor has CBS NFL disclosed where they got their figures on the Gardner Contract.
  2. BTW The title of this thread is not the one I assigned to it. It was modified.
  3. I'm willing to bet the Cimini Numbers are closer to what Gardner and his Agent were actually offered. Forces within the League found out about it and jumped on the Jets' Head forcing a renegotiation of sorts. Notice that Gardner's Signing Bonus, which is also the highest for this draft, did not change. So Gardner will have to give up some money in the form of Base Salary for the first 4 Years of the contract. Those are the numbers the Jets submitted to the League Office. Come the 2025-2026 Offseason there will be a quiet restructuring of the Option Year Terms to insert the 5 Million Dollars lost back into the Option Year Base Salary. In the long run it will help Gardner as it will raise his Base Salary going forward. That will be the point from which any negotiations start.
  4. CBS NFL Reports 38.7 Million. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-first-round-draft-picks-contract-tracker-jaguars-sign-no-1-pick-travon-walker-texans-ink-derek-stingley/
  5. It looks like JJ's contract is in line with the other rookies drafted around him.
  6. There is some wiggle room and it looks like the Jets used all of it.
  7. The Jets signed Sauce Gardner to the most lucrative contract in the 2022 NFL Draft. 38.7 Million in Total Guaranteed Money and 25.3 Million in signing bonus tops both categories. The Runner-up in both categories is number 1 Draft pick Travon Walker at 37.37 Million in total guarantee money and 24.3 million in signing. You can't accuse the Jets of being cheap. I'll bet there are a few GMs that are miffed at the Jets right about now.
  8. Sounds like something the NFL Front Office would do.
  9. He's got a future in Public Relations. Nonetheless it will be interesting to see how the TE Situation develops considering the Jets have two premier players and a solid prospect. Zach won't be suffering from have a dearth of capable Receivers this year. With a packed Wide Receiver Corp LaFleur is going to have his work cut out for him furnishing a game plan that Zack understands to utilize all of these assets at his disposal.
  10. I was going to mention it looked like it looked that duck had alot of Buckshot in him.
  11. JoJo every team "wins" the draft ! I didn't see a grade lower than B for all 32 teams this year. I expect the only NY Jet 1st round draft pick to be designated a starter on Week 1 as of Pre-Training Camp will be Sauce. JJ has a 50/50 chance of Starting but he will have to prove it in Camp against some experienced Veterans. I would not be surprised to see Jacob Martin starting at Defensive End Week 1. As to Garrett Wilson forget it. Barring injury the starting Wide Receivers for Week 1 will be Corey David and Elijah Moore. Breece Hall has a good shot (50/50) at starting Week 1 but he will also have to earn it. Michael Carter will be designated as Top RB on the Depth Chart and Hall will have to knock him off. So for all of the guys the Jets Drafted only 2 will earn starting positions for Week 1
  12. You guys man ..... What's with all the hate for Florio ! We're not talking about Florio's Sidekick efffing Peter King. The God Damn Giant Homer ! Talking up Kadarius Toney liker he is Lance Alworth. Dude has NEVER said a nice word about the Jets. Now THERE is a guy I'd like to apply a hot branding iron to his face.
  13. From my perspective the piece was NOT about Florio dumping on the Jets. He was pointing out the Jets still have very stiff competition in both their Division and Conference while having zero in the way of easy marks.
  14. Florio's assessment of the Jets is both realistic and respectful. He could have been more blunt and posed the challenge directly. "What teams in the AFC East are the Jets going to beat this year". Both Florio and Simms point out the team that matches up the best against Jets in the Division, the Dolphins, are stacked. So Gardner shuts down Hill, Jaylan Waddle isn't exactly a day at the beach. My best guess at any team in the division the Jets can beat is the Patriots. And that's based on the Patriots coaching situation sinking into chaos. That problem can be straightened out with time. So even that possibility could evaporate in to thin air if the Jet-Patriot Games are scheduled late in the season.
  15. Mike Florio devoted a segment of his show Monday Morning question the attitude among Jet Fans expecting a big jump in the Jets Win-Loss record in 2022 is unwarranted. The crux of the segment is the strength of the AFC. This includes the Jets' Division Rivals in the AFC East. As Florio and Chris Simms outlined there are no easy marks in the Division.
  16. That's the Cap Hit for the signing bonus. Then add on what ever they pay him in Base Salary
  17. This is a New Yorker Thing. Dudes like Alka, Connor Hughes and Fake Assman think they know more than the Jet Coaching Staff and smell blood in the water. For them running players out of town who they don't approve of is kind of a Sport so they feel duty bound to take their best shot. Over and over and over again. This is a contributing factor in the minds of players who have to consider whether to hang around on the team when their Rookie Contract is up. As others have alluded to Corey Davis's contract contains only 660,000 bucks in guaranteed money for 2023 and counts 12 Million Dollars against the Cap if the Jets keep him. If Davis gets nicked up again and starts losing starts and playing time it would seem unlikely the Jets hang on to him for 2023. Mims on the other hand is pulling down 2 to 2.5 million per year. He is working for peanuts. If he shows any sort of development and proves himself a credible threat it makes sense to keep him around purely based on a business decision. Mims is low risk for the Jets right now. He has the unique combination of Height and Speed a combination only possessed by Davis. Even Garrett Wilson is on the smallish side (6'0"). The extra 3 inches Mims has makes a big difference when coverage is tight. When the final Depth Chart is announced after Training Camp I would expect to see Davis and Moore announced as the Game 1 Starters with Wilson listed behind Davis and Mims listed behind Moore. If either of the two starters get injured then Mims is next in line to start. There is no need to rush Wilson into a starting role. Injuries happen and he will get his reps this year.
  18. More like worried. Black, Smith and these 4 guys will be vying to make two Roster Spots and one Practice Squad slot.
  19. It appears the Cap hit is roughly 13 million per year over 4 years. Base Salary looks to be 3.5 million per year for the first 4 years. It looks like Sauce got his money up front
  20. Malik Willis's number wasn't called on the first night of the 2022 NFL Draft as many pundits predicted. Day 2 of the draft opens with a number of Teams that have been hanging on to Old Veteran QBs. First up is the Tampa Bay Bucs. Drafting Willis would be an excellent way for Tampa to inform Brady 'we've had enough of the I'm go to retire no I changed my mind I'm going to unretire' theatrics'. Minnesota is up third with another QB, Kirk Cousins, that seems to keep hanging on despite proving he's not the guy. Then there are the Giants who have shafted Daniel Jones out of his Option Year despite being "their guy". Now that he is in the 2nd Round Willis will come at a cheaper price and is unlikely to push for starts in the first half of the season.
  21. The Raider Wire is circulating an article stating that they are looking to swing a deal for Mekhii Becton. No specifics on what the Silver and Black crew are offering. There is a second story from the Draft Network says that Bechton could be moved to Indy, Chicago or Seattle. Seeing as these are unrelated sources it looks good that Douglas is shopping Mekhi around.
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