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  1. Nice, this with the new GQ cover should usher in a whole new wave of babes for Gronk to herp up.
  2. He could be our franchise qb but everything I've seen points to him needing at least a year on the bench to fix what went horribly wrong the past 2 years. by that time we might be coming off a three win season and a chance to select a better prospect at quarterback, and I am all for that kind of competition to emerge wher we might have 2 legit franchise quarterbacks pushing each other to be the best they can be
  3. I'll join the love fest after we win the Super Bowl, for now both the head coach and gm have something to prove to me.
  4. It's not about trust, I don't believe idzik purposely made bad picks in order to torpedo his career or that mac doesn't believe he is making the right pick every round. It's the FACT that he doesn't know better than everyone else and we have to hope as fans that he gets more right then wrong. that said when a fan can see a bad pick and points out legit reasons for it being bad I listen, I don't bury my head in the sand and say "Mac knows better than you". I'm an adult who understands that hitting on every drat pick is extremely unlikely so some of these guys were mistakes.
  5. High praise for peake low opinion of shell who needs to "get together" and seems to be a real project. Knocks on the lack of any tight end drafted, even if it's just for blocking
  6. Stopped reading after this line, I mean at least your honest but I bet you would have said the same thing after idziks drafts and then try to deny it after the fact. You cant just blindly love a draft because you trust the gm, unless that gm has helped win you a Super Bowl and even then it's ok to be skeptical when a 4th round pick like suckenberg is taken in the 2nd round...... we as fans have a right to question our gm because they aren't infallible by any means and it doesn't take a professional to point that out.
  7. This is why we cant have nice things..... If we end up with the 8th overall pick next year and don't use it to trade up for a true franchise QB then it might be all I can take mentally and physically. I'll officially snap when people on this board try to convince me that Hackenberg is the "one" and needs "more time" to blossom into that franchise player we have been waiting forever for that he was his superstar freshman year back at the good ole days of Bill O'Brien's Penn State....
  8. Didn't Jimmy play a few games for that disastrous Panthers team that year and wasn't he also a major dick? I don't think we will see Hackenberg even in a blowout, and I also bet he plays the good soldier. I guess I'll have to wait to see what happens, I'm just worried the Jets FO gets all locked up in Hackenberg's "potential" and lets a better talent get away.
  9. The part that worries me, and this has already been mentioned in another thread, is that we go out there this season and fall flat on our face and end up with a top 3 pick. We then REFUSE to draft a franchise QB because we have this bum on the roster and take an offensive lineman instead. Then we wait two more years trying to "develop" this loser and are pretty much spinning our wheels. Their is only one QB that could make me think of giving Geno another chance and low and behold we ******* took him
  10. This kid just sounds like a good pickup in the 2nd round to me. That's where you take a undersized inside linebacker with a lot of SPEED. I can't wait until tomorrow though, now that all the good QB's have been taken I think we can cross that position off the list and eventually give in to the Fitzpatrick factor. God forbid it's gee-no. Anyway I am hoping for Derrick Henry tomorrow, a true bellcow who might mix in really well with Forte and Powell.
  11. QB please, If we take a defensive end someone should be shot, in the face.
  12. You would think coming off a national championship, being the older Qb with less time that Meyer would try to milk Jones for all he had while increasing his draft stock. Nope. He flat out gave the job to Barrett,didn't care one iota for Jones and his future and even when Barrett screwed up royally gave him another chance instead of letting Cardale have the rest of the year to improve his stock. If Cardale was a franchise talent then Barrett would have been told that next year is his year and that this last year for Jones, is all his. Oh and I believe Arians can work miracles with a lot of Qb's, to bad he's in Arizona and we are talking about the Jets drafting Jones........ Well the system sure worked out for Jones and Meyer during that momentous four game win streak that took home the national championship, Jones is a flash in the pan, if he wasn't he would have been utilized better this season.
  13. Cardale Jones is ******* terrible. He stepped in and won a national championship for Meyer and Meyer still did everything he could to keep this kid off the football field. I remember one of his press conferences after a loss, Urban pretty much admitted that Jones didn't have the brains to run the full playbook and they weren't able to use him in the same capacity as Barrett. Hell JT got a DUI and the coaching staff still couldn't wait to usher this kid back onto the field instead of Jones. Cardale Jones = Jamarcus Russell without the hype.
  14. If Geno's back it just gives us a realistic chance at Deshaun Watson, IF Watson is that good. Even if it's not Watson, we will be bad enough to draft a top QB prospect
  15. Yeah this isn't a concern with Dee.... I say cut him so we don't have his slack, loser ass constantly reminding us how we wasted a top ten pick on this MEGABUST
  16. Eli Manning without the Super Bowl rings is not a QB I want, it would just lead to a a lot of frustration. Lets' draft a QB with a higher upside than Eli friggin Manning......
  17. QB please If we take a running back or and outside linebacker in the first, my fist is going through a wall.
  18. Hard pass. It's finally time for the jets to have a franchise QB that makes us contenders every year, we deserve that.
  19. *cough* Not a franchise quarterback *cough*
  20. we had the EASIEST schedule in the league and ONLY came up with ten wins.
  21. Easiest record in the league. Beat one team with a winning record (and a hell of a lot of injuries in overtime) Have no youth at the skill positions (Fitz, Marshall, Decker, Revis) It's a day to be proud!!!!! Except for those of us who see reality...... We have to tear down and rebuild the entire team during the Bowles era, and we are a year behind.
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