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  2. You listed two elite running backs, McGahee and James. You also mentioned that Big East running backs have no shot at the pros. I thought it was a bit ironic that these two backs are Big East alumni. This is also the reason that I bring up Curtis Martin? Another Big East subpar running back? What about Revis and Rhodes? Bottom line, this thread is about Ray Rice's prospect of being drafted. If he is another subpar running back from the Big East, he will obviously go undrafted. Please let us know if and/or what round Rice gets drafted. Also, please let us know if y
  3. Now paging Curtis Martin, University of Pittsburgh alumni. Please disregard your storied career as you are now equivalent to a $2 hooker. Curtis, please have Rhodes, Revis, and Vilma pack their Big East luggage and get out of town. Let's also get Big East POS Larry Fitzgerald, Deion Branch, Gary Brackett, L. J. Smith, Marc Bulger, Dwight Freeney, and Marvin Harrison to move over to the CFL. Funny that you mentioned McGahee and James, guess what? Big East POS too! Ray Rice had no choice but to come out. 3 senior lineman are leaving this year and he can't carry the
  4. Relying on special teams is like relying on turnovers; that is Edwards ball. Britt's own fuble recovery? Luck. The ball rolls your way sometimes.
  5. They had their hands full with UConn for one asinine reason, they kept running Rice with 9 in the box. Teel and his receivers are limited, but you need balance.
  6. Let's look at the solid Rutgers play: Rutgers dropped passes Cardinals kickoff return for TD Cardinals fake punt conversion Cardinals extra point attempt is blocked and returned for a two point conversion Roughing the punter call on Rutgers RU has plenty of room for improvement, Louisville is lucky they are up by 11.
  7. Yes, because that strategy worked to perfection in the Connecticut game.
  8. the

    Dear Eric,

    There are obviously limited pass rushing capabilities on this team. Therefore, if the Jets are winning by 7+ with less than 3 minutes on the clock, please resist the urge to rush 3 or 4 and drop 8 or 7. This strategy has been unsuccessfully employed in both the Colts and Dolphins games. Here are two suggestions: 1. Drop 11 in coverage 2. Rush 5, 6, 7, 8 I predict most fans would select option 2, as who can stomach the sight of Peyton or Joey or fill in the blank quarterback smiling on the sidelines. The opposing quarterback may bring their team from behind with either op
  9. How many diapers did you wet while the Jets scored 17 unanswered against the powerhouse Patriots? Sorry, the 3 hour Edwards comedy show has moved to Kansas City. It may be hard to believe, but the Jets are competitive.
  10. Actually, you mentioned that the Patriots are playing like crap. You also mentioned the Jets are not playing up to the "Patriots level." And even though the "Jets are not playing up to the Patriots level", they managed to beat the Titans and Bills, and come within 7 of the Patriots. Imagine what happens when the Jets start playing at the "Patriots level." Assuming your argument revolves around room for improvement, there are certainly opportunities for both teams. Bottom line, Jets 2-1, Patriots 2-1.
  11. Please go into detail regarding dominant Patriot backs in 2001 and 2003.
  12. What level is that? 2-1? Oh yeah, so dominant they beat the Jills by 2 (sorry), the Jets by 7 (sorry), and the dominated the Broncos by -10 (many apologies, what an awesome display). Chirp, chirp. Oh me so sorry.
  13. All, please consider the attached image in deciding the direction of the new logo. We think this theme may be helpful in recruiting the Saturday morning market. Word on the street is JetNation is already in talks with Boo Berry, to further establish presence in the visually amused segment.
  14. ...because opposing defenses are going to be crapping their pants with a dynamic trio of Blaylock, Houston, and Washington (and help us all if Martin sees the playnig field). Please. This is not running back by committee, this is running back by deli counter number. Why take a chance on Barlow, even if it involves a 4th round pick? For all intensive purposes, this is a contract year for him and we have all seen the magical transformation regarding Jets players in contract years. The bottom line is money, and if he wants to see any more after this year, he will produce. Otherwise, a
  15. the


    Sorry, I forgot: "the bottom of the Music IQ ladder would be Country music lovers. Who gives a **** about your truck or your dog/wife ?" Another fine example of prejudice.
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