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  1. I agree with the above posters who said it will likely be a close game. Other than the fumbles against the Dolphins, I think the Patriots showed everyone what they want to do on offense. Run a lot, accurate short/medium passes, with the occasional deep in sort of play action pass. Jones definitely showed some rookie jitters, but he is playing within what the coaches asked of him. A couple mistakes either way by any of the rookies, or inopportune fumbles/injuries, will swing this game. I think it is unlikely that either team wins by 10+.
  2. Mangini and Josh McDaniels had the same problems when they went to be HCs for the first time. Smart football guys who tried to emulate Bill too much, not realizing that Bill has worked for decades to be able to be the guy he is. They just came in as my way or the highway little dictators, and both got burned for it. Both are great coaches, but were in over their heads in their first attempts at being HC.
  3. Pats are not disguising their cover zero at all. 4 DBs were playing 8 yards off the 4 wide receivers, everyone else lined up within a yard of the LOS. Jets can't stop the rush, and Sam can't get the throw off.
  4. Seriously, the Pats had people all over the offense going down fast at the start of the season. Their healthiest positions right now are QB and RB. Only 2 of the original OL starters are healthy, literally every TE on the roster at the start of the season is out this week. Many teams carry no FBs, while the Pats put two of them on IR. Dorsett and Gordon are both out, our #1 pick WR is still on IR, Edelman is still nursing a rib injury. Once you factor in the injuries, this is probably the weakest offensive cast Brady has been a part of ever in his career. Now that could all change in
  5. Hey stupid question, since I've never been a fan of a team that had another team in the same city/region: How closely do Jets fans follow Giants news? Do you actively pay attention, root for (or against) them, or do you just happen to have the information because the local sports page covers both?
  6. Both of those guys were cheap signings, and the Pats moved on when it was clear they weren't working out. Dozens of FA signings each season for various teams don't work out. No big deal. Unlike missing on a first round pick or a mega trade, the only opportunity cost for FA signings is cap space.
  7. EVERY offensive lineman gets away with holding. Read the rule book, then watch literally ANY pass play. You'll be convinced at least 3 players should be flagged.
  8. I came here looking for this. I'm glad I found it.
  9. I mean, you're not wrong. It's pretty great.
  10. I don't know the story about him with Denzelle Good, but I do know that he was a mediocre replacement for Scar in NE. He also had no idea how to fix the center tipping the snap all game against Denver which probably alone may have cost the Pats another shot at a Super Bowl.
  11. The refs didn't do anything particularly wrong in that game. The joke of "science" being done afterward by a hired gun lab that exists primarily to create doctored results for tobacco companies and polluters which pretends the ideal gas law isn't a thing was more problematic. (Are we still pretending that the 3 of 4 tested Colts balls weren't also under pressure as well?) At least we know that once the balls were changed out it significantly hampered the Patriots ability to win games that season (and the following season, and the following season, and the following season).
  12. Rule 12, Section 2, Article 12 Ref decided taking a swing at the face of another player was flagrant. Frankly I think this is the sort of the thing the league should be cracking down on more, not the "oh no I fell too heavily on the QB!" type hits.
  13. You know schedules are almost entire pre-determined, right?
  14. Pig has been taking the scenic route for the past 5 years, with a couple detours to pick up some trophies.
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