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  1. This entire thread and all of the degenerates who have posted in it saying they would love to have a guy like Tyreek Hill on the Jets, because, like, second chances... is/are sad and pathetic. Some of you really need to reevaluate your lives and priorities.
  2. The NFL is in no way liable or culpable for the personal behavior of an individual employee, but they don't have any responsibility or obligation to continue employing him after his multiple instances of domestic abuse (including his guilty plea for domestic battery against a pregnant woman in 2014). All they've done is guaranteed continuing criticism, disgust, and awful PR for their brand and the appearance of the worst, most cynical "bottom line" driven decision making they could possibly engineer.
  3. Patrick Mahomes is the next face of the league. He needs Tyreek Hill to be dominant. All other considerations are moot.
  4. Spelled Terrelle Pryor wrong..... 1/2 of Darnolds highlight reel is him throwing to Pryor.
  5. Gal Gadot was in the Army. How does this have anything to do with this issue? Nothing. Nothing at all. But she is super hot and was a soldier. So, I rest my case. Thank you. "My God, he went with the Gadot Defense". Your welcome.
  6. I read The Naked and the Dead and Battle Cry (Uris) when I joined the Army.
  7. It's funny that Dire Straits is known for the one song that is completely out of their usual style, and mostly just because of the crazy old video.
  8. I do NOT listen to Dire Straits anymore! Well, sometimes, but only their greatest hits.

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