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  1. Jet_Engine1

    Jets new uniform leaked online?

    Who is L9 this year?
  2. Jet_Engine1

    Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

    Rex and Andy? Note to self....invest in KC Barbecue Restaurant....
  3. Jet_Engine1

    Lombardi Trophy

    Somebody please police the board and sh*tcan this chowd f*ckface. Please? LOL. @Maxman @T0mShane Anyone?
  4. Jet_Engine1

    NFL = WWE?

    Iron Mike lives in front of Building 4....
  5. Jet_Engine1

    How to fix the NFL - Saints Issue

    Is that the Bellichick clause?
  6. Jet_Engine1

    Recency Bias

    Yes. Lets.
  7. Jet_Engine1

    Recency Bias

    Go dig up the gif of the Saints TE getting hit directly in the helmet and pulled off the field for concussion protocol. Whatever. Saints would have a chance againts NE. Mcvay and the Rams are gonna get clowned. Hooray, world.
  8. Deontay gets behind defenses and beats coverage quite a bit for a "slow" kid..... Do some research. Kid ran his 40 hurt. Hes a 4.55 player that can catch and runs good routes. But you're right. Stephen Hill ran a 4.3 and he's a fuxking HOF'er....lol Kid can play and Darnold trusts him, and hes better than Jearmane Kearse, Charone Peake, Roberts, etc. Hes an easy keep as a #4/5.
  9. Jet_Engine1

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    Let him be Shane Burton. Lol
  10. Jet_Engine1

    Recency Bias

    I only use the best words, the greatest words.
  11. Jet_Engine1

    Recency Bias

    And dude, The NFL APOLOGIZED for the non-call and it will lead to a rules change. You are wrong. Period. End. Done..wrongo-dongo, captain stupid!
  12. Jet_Engine1

    Recency Bias

    No, because it was evened out by the no call helmet to helmet that cost the Saints their Starting TE for the game.
  13. Jet_Engine1

    Recency Bias

    No. The team the NFL wants in the SB won....

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