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  1. In 2019, DeShaun took the Texans to the playoffs. His stats? 2 Games 62% Completion 635 Pass Yards 3 Passing TDs 0 Picks 2 Rushings TDs 8.2 YPA Please. Be specific. How was it that the QB "choked"? LOL This is a trash take. And Darnolds best possible "ceiling"? Yeah, thats Watsons DEMONSTRATED FLOOR.
  2. Interesting thread premise ruined within 3 replies. Well done...
  3. Att:495 Comp:335 Comp %: 67.3 Yards: 3,852 TDs: 26 Ints: 12 What Stats are those? Those are DeShaun Watsons, in his statistically WORST year as Full Time starter, in 2019 (15 Games Played). That is his "floor". There is another board elsewhere on the internet where the posters are all saying Watson "isn't elite". LOL. Thats a joke. If Darnold had numbers even approaching those in the last 3 years, we'd be convinced we had our FQB. Those numbers represent Watsons FLOOR. Let that sink in. Watsons FLOOR is essentially what we HOPE is what Sam turns into. That's absurd. I've seen how Watsons playoff record of 1-2 has been criticized. In 2019, Watson playoff stats are: 2 Games, 635 yards (62% Comp), 8.2 YPA, 3 TDs, 0 picks, and 2 rushing TDs for a QBR of 104.6. Yeah, Watson wasn't the problem. LOL. Wilson is an unknown. Fields is meh. Lance is an enigma. Mac Jones and Kyle Trask have "Career Backup" written all over them. If its possible, for a not outlandish cost, its kind of a no-brainer.
  4. Stupid. So, 200+ players and Coaches etc can practice and play games at the Senior Bowl, East-West, etc., but they can't run a 40 or work out.
  5. I think the narrative that the Jets are a "Dysfunctional Organization" needs to be taken outside and put out of its misery. Yeah, Gase and Gregg were aholes, but that was just a PR issue. The Texans are now considered a "racist" organization after McNairs "inmates" comment, and then hiring a consultant to narrow down the GM Search, who subsequently recommended 2 candidates (who happened to be minorities)...and McNair promptly ignored the people he hired and Hired Caserio from NE for no reason. This was all after they traded Hopkins on the recommendation from their "Character Coach" who reportedly told people in the org., "We don't need people 'like that' here". LOL. This is the same guy (from NE, of course), who weaseled his way from "team chaplain" to essentially a VP of Football Ops position. They then decide to interview only a handful of candidates, ignore completely the highest profile Minority candidates (Bienemy, Saleh), and alienate their Pro Bowl QB to the point that its now widely rumored that he wants to be traded.... Across the Country, the "Washington Football Team" (lol) not only ignores pressure to change a name with racist overtones, they are so tone deaf and willfully stubborn, they don't even have a PLAN or Backup name in place. Duh.... Oh, and apparently the entire front office is straight out of Mad Men, with boozing, sexual harassment, and a general vibe of drunken, rapey Frat Boys. Out in the Midwest, the Lions fire Everyone (again), and are so ****ed up local guy and presumed front runner for the Job, walks into the room, looks around, and essentially runs out of the building to get on the first flight to New York. Over in Philly, they had to fire the head coach because apparently he (and the entire locker room) can't stand the QB who was handed a massive contract and is either always broken, or panics on the field to the point he makes Darnold look like Marino in the pocket..... The Chargers have no fans. Cincinnati is owned by the Cheapest Man in NFL History. Its time for that tired old narrative to die.
  6. Jet_Engine1

    Kay Adams!

    Accurate. Little Boot was the first and possibly ultimate troll. Evil and crazy, but purposeful and only ****ed with the higher classes (Senatorial and Equestrians). Nero was Satan.

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