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  1. LOL. He looks like Mike Glennons little brother.
  2. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    I believe Aaron Glenn is their DB Coach..... Win the SB and return thebfavor and send Payton to the NYJ lol
  3. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Answered his stupid question pages ago. With logic and histroical comparison. And the Tank is done. Its gone. But moving forward running a 38 year old QB who will more than likely retire in the offseason after a 7-9 season and being right back at the same point in regards evaluating what you have on your roster going into an offseason where you will have the ability to spend big money under the cap and have to decide where their draft capital and needs meet. That's all. I have zero invested in Petty, I think Hackenberg is alost cause, but a I also know that McCown is a complete waste of time for the organization. As to the Bills and Tyrod, they kept him as the starter because their options were him, TJ Yates, and a raw 5th round pick. Tyrod bought them time but he isnt the future. They're 5-4 in spite of Taylor. He had an awful last two games where he couldnt move the Offense at all. So why not give tge young guy a shot. He could provide a spark, and they get an opportunity to evaluate what they have. Nothing to deep or complicated.
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    So why did they bring him back and why was he the starting QB? LOL.
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Yes. Yes I do. If they call, I was never here.
  6. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Uh oh. Is the record skipping?
  7. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Hes very, very stupid. Dont get riled up by it.
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    You are so far from understanding the point we are discussing its become a total waste of time to talk to.
  9. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Every team pays guys to sit. The Seahawks payed Matt Whashiname $10M to sit because they realized he wasnt good. Happens all the time. Again, are you the Bills accountant? As for tanking, again, they dont NEED to tank. They built up a ton of draft currency so they can move up high in the draft instead of going out and Browning the season.
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Because the only other options they had on the roster were TJ Yates and a 5th round draft pick. Thats why. He was already there and had some starting experience. Why are you worried about why Buffalo kept Tyrod around? Did they borrow money from you to pay him?
  11. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Earned it by being the best scout team QB in Western New York? Earned it during the very limited reps the backup QB gets during the season? No. He earned it by virtue of Tyrod not really being that good, having an awful game vs NO, and not being a guy the Bills want to rest the foundation of their team on for the next several years. He "earned" it by default. Hes a mid round rookie QB who looked competent in the pre season. Not an heir apparent. They know what they have with TT, they want to evaluate their roster. Nothing more.
  12. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    They dont have to tank all that hard. They have a couple of firsts to trade and a bunch of high picks. Plenty of trade up currency.
  13. After 2 losses and still with an above .500 record, Bills sit Tyrod Taylor and will start Nathan Peterman this week. Because they want to see what they have on the roster..... Wow.
  14. The NFL has a big problem

    LOL. Just.....lol.