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  1. Why do you hate the Jets?

    On behalf of everyone here with a brain.....shut the **** up. Please.
  2. Cant remember anymore. Was that 5 minutes ago, or an eon?
  3. And I get home from a 48 hour shift and my wife already has THIS waiting for me! Shes awesome...
  4. Holy sh*t!! I met Joe Namath today!

    No, but I reached out to his FB page and thanked him. I was like Ralphie getting stagefright trying to talk to Santa. LOL.
  5. Holy sh*t!! I met Joe Namath today!

    Dude....Im former Infantry, 15 year firefighter, and I was literally shaking meeting Joe. Probably why I look crazier than usual. LOL. What a day.
  6. Holy sh*t!! I met Joe Namath today!

    LOL. He hugged me and said, if anything breaks out in here, I'm on your side!!
  7. There was Football on today? Sooooo glad I picked up an OT shift insteas. Worked Art Miami Exhibition Downtown West Palm today.....so....much....ass....to look at. Im happily married....but told my wife to prepare for incoming.... LOL
  8. Let it Ride !!!

    Curling you say?
  9. Change at offensive coordinator?

    Fixed. Morton was a solid OC last year. Meanwhile, Kacy Rogers still has a job...
  10. Who is your top choice at 6?

    5-11. Sold them short.
  11. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    $30M Dollars per year, $50+M Guaranteed for 5 years. Thats what it will xost to sign Kirk Cousins. Let that sink in..... Is he worth that? Really? Hes Andy Dalton for Crissakes...
  12. Are you watching Jax in this Playoff game?

    Not many other reasons to move to Gainesville....lol. I went to the Florida State Fire College down the road in Ocala years ago (and periodically go back for classes). G'ville a fun place to party....