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    Stuart, Florida
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    The Jets, Firefighting, and Powerlifting.
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    1998 Season
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    Too many.
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    The hot one
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  1. Looks calm and poised, and managed to start his career and go a game and a half without an atrocious pick six. LOL
  2. I put that loser on ignore almost immediately. Don't give that child any more of your time
  3. Report that stupid ass piece of sh*t mother ****er. That troll needs to go. @Maxman @The Crusher
  4. We dont hate him. Its just resigned but ultimately expected disappointment.
  5. To quote a great philosopher, "Dont tell me about the birth, show me the baby!"
  6. Dune 2020 Trailer drops, and it looks.....perfect.
  7. Now admit your ******* mistake with Adam "Future of Football" Gase you upper class twit mother ****er.

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