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  1. I want to punch Gase right in the ******* mouth right now.
  2. Absurdly ugly kid who is barely intelligible when speaking. It happens.
  3. That play was outlandish enough that it deserves it's own thread imo.
  4. Classy Harbaugh's Cant beat OSU, so the family needs to beat up on the Jets.
  5. So is Brady. Lamar is from ******* Boynton Beach. Dumb ass bitches need to find some new material.
  6. Nah. Brady is done, sonthey wanna make Lamar Jackson the face of the league. The ugly, ugly face.....
  7. Really? That's a thing? Reminds me of Adrian Murrells "salute" getting ripped off by Davis and becoming the "Mike High Salute". Usually with the wrong ******* hand by TD. Terrible. Pissed me off every time I saw it. Whatever. This game is gonna be 42-7 in the next few minutes and I'm distracting myself.

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