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  1. Draft Day Movie Discussion

    Its called a grombit.
  2. Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
  3. I'll be in Indianapolis for the week for the IAFF Instructors Conference...held at the Indy Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. I've stepped off the ledge long enough to probably go to the Champions Sports Bar at the Marriott and watch the first round, probably just enough time to see the Jets do something moronic and to be driven back into a Jets Hating Rage and return to self imposed exile. The fact that Downtown Indy will be overrun with around 10,000 Firefighters and public inebriation will be acceptable, if not an actively encouraged activity, I'll blend in and be unnoticeable in my drunken hate-bubble.
  4. II. DEFENSE Pass rush games are prohibited at all times. Only four rushers allowed, no 5-man pressures or blitzes from secondary permitted. Coaches and Senior Bowl observers will be responsible for the defensive requirements. Personnel 4-3 personnel 3-4 personnel a. Substitution packages, i.e., dime, short-yardage or goal line packages, are not permitted at any time. However, teams are permitted to play three cornerbacks in a four-man secondary.
  5. Per Schefter. Isaiah Crowell to Jets

    Well, Its been fun...sort of. Its been stupid mostly. And frustrating. And sometimes embarrassing. But today? Yeah. I'm done. Was it McCown? No. That's just the typical stupidity we have come to expect from this team. Regimes come and go...but they still never learn. They never figure it out. Was it McCagnan sitting on his hands again, being used and abused by the professional Front Offices of the NFL? Nah. Nothing we haven't seen before around these parts. Bowles? Nope. Hes a ******* idiot, and has zero future in the NFL, but I suffered through Kotite and made it through. The Jets signed Isaiah Crowell today. My father was a Police Officer, and is still the best, smartest, kindest man I have ever met in this life. He served proudly and honorably for 30 years in Law Enforcement, and had some of the toughest jobs a cop could have....Vice, SWAT, Recovery Diver for 20+ years. My Fathers 4 Brothers and My moms youngest Brother were all NYPD and served honorably and raised great families. My Grandfather was NYPD from the 1920s to the 1960s. At one time, there were 5 Dolans on the force. My Great Grandfather was City of Brooklyn PD. Way back when. I was in New York City on 9/11. I was visiting from Florida helping my Mom at the Brooklyn Irish Festival and went to the Jets v Colts game on the 9th (Herms First as Coach). I watched Law Enforcement Officers (And my Brother Firefighters) run into that building to save lives, any lives, without regard to their own personal safety. And the New York Jets sign Isaiah Crowell? And you thought people were upset about Michael Vick? You thought people were offended by guys kneeling for the anthem" **** You, Jets. ****. YOU. I am Done. I will be sh*tting on any and all of my Jets merchandise and sending it to your filthy hall of incompetence at Florham Park. I will be rooting against you now and forever. Your sheer incompetence should have made this easy years ago, but I stuck with you out of habit...loyalty....? And you answer with this? **** YOU, NEW YORK JETS.
  6. What has Carson Wentz done...exactly. Aside from watching Nick Foles win the SB for his team from the sidelines? LOL. You are losing. Badly. Stop.

    Yup. They gotta go all in on Kirk or start throwing the whole farm at Indy/NYG
  8. So when do we sign Ted Bridgewater?

    Its better than the alternative? It feels funny? Who knows?
  9. Meanwhile, the Bills have parlayed some trades into the 12 overall as well as an additional 1st THIS year (23?) After trading their incumbent starting QB. Gee....I wonder what it is they're working towards doing? LOL. Meanwhile, Mac sleeps at his desk, hoping the "consensus best player in the draft!!" (Q Nelson? Lol) drops to him again.....and Gumbo Todd is formulatin' some new shrimp recipes and explaining why explosive offense is actually BAD.....
  10. He didnt even get the right guy of that era. Grantham was good, Philbin should be a HOFer. Held the "unofficial" single season sack record in the 60s and was a dominant player.
  11. Yup. $30M a year is a lot for an "adequate" starter.