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  1. I can deal with that, its when it becomes sanctimonious and preachy that it stops being fun.
  2. Thats because you're a Patriots fan trolling the board and playing stupid. LOL
  3. Please dont be a preachy environmentalist screed...Please dont be a preachy environmentalist screed....Please dont be a preachy environmentalist screed...LOL
  4. Jet_Engine1


    A good credit score means the credit companies are rewarding you for playing their game and are happy with how you're playing their game by their rules.
  5. Geno Smith is the gift that keeps on giving. But Geno is an important player and a key domino leading to the coming golden age of Jets Football. Sanchez had blown it. He wasnt the guy and the Jets knew it. They knew that despite recent success and having given Sanchez a premature new contract, they had to go in a new direction moving forward. Cue the 2013 draft and a QB class that was in hindsight a total wasteland. EJ Manuel was the only QB taken in the first round (#16 to Buffalo). The Jets threw the dice on Geno Smith early in the second round. Solid, small conference success in college, but with a litany of questions about character and work ethic coming out. Looking back, there wasn't a QB in that draft worth drafting until the 5th round. But the Jets take Smith and in a ridiculous manner befitting the clown show the Ryan Regime was, Geno becomes starter. And is "OK" in 2013, having ups and downs expected of rookies. Smith was named starter going into the 2014 season and thats when the wheels started to come off..His 2014 started with an altercation on an airplane with a flight attendant that ended with him being remove from his flight and questioned by police. The QB then got "exposed" by a groupie he allegedly had sex with. The woman was upset he didn't tell her he had a girlfriend, so she decided to blast him with a 1,300 word post on Baller Alert: 300 actual words and 1,000 with the Facetime screenshot. Not a great look for the team.after the Brett Favre scandal... Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears in Week 3, Smith's very first play resulted in an interception returned for a touchdown by Ryan Mundy. Smith finished the game with 316 passing yards, a touchdown and 2 interceptions as the Jets lost to the Bears 27-19. During Week 4 against the Detroit Lions, Smith threw for 209 yards with an interception and a lost fumble during the 24-17 loss. On October 3, 2014, Smith was fined $12,000 for yelling profanity at fans while walking to the locker room during halftime in Week 4. Despite this incident, he was allowed to start in Week 5 against the San Diego Chargers, in which he threw for only 27 yards with an interception and was benched for the second half in favor of Michael Vick as the Jets were shut out 31-0. Prior to the Week 5 game, Smith missed a team meeting, eventually admitting that he went to a movie theater in San Diego, unaware that the eastern and pacific time had a 3 hour difference. On October 26, 2014 Smith went 2-of-8 and threw three interceptions before the end of the first quarter against the Bills and was subsequently benched again in favor of Michael Vick. He ended up on a high note against a bad Miami team and was expected to start in 2015. During the offseason, the Jets signed veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick as the backup QB and to help "mentor" Smith...and thats where the fun really begins.... On August 11, 2015, Smith was involved in an altercation with defensive end IK Enemkpali in the locker room. Smith suffered a fractured jaw after Enemkpali punched him in the face over a few hundred dollars and a broken commitment. Smith was ruled out for 6–10 weeks, and Enemkpali was released by the Jets shortly thereafter. Two days later, Smith underwent surgery on his fractured jaw. Ryan Fitzpatrick led the team to a 2–0 record while Smith was injured, so new head coach Todd Bowles decided to continue starting Fitzpatrick, even with Smith being healthy. Fitzpatrick, against a favorable schedule, great weather, and improbable circumstances, breaks Jets single season records in yards and touchdowns. Geno is relegated to backup. Fitzpatrick returns to form in 2016 after an absurd holdout and alienates himself from team Officials and splits the locker room. Geno and his immaturity is cut and the Jets are forced to bring in another aging veteran in Josh McCown and use another 2nd round pick in a draft weak on QBs past the top 2 on Hackenberg. The Jets are left in 2017 with a 39 year old starter, a floundering Bryce Petty, and a guy who cant be trusted to step on the field in a regular season game. McCown plays admirably but not well enough, and true to form gets hurt. The Jets are left at 5-11 and without a future at Quarterback.... And are forced to trade up, and have SAM DARNOLD fall jnto their laps!! Just think. If Geno isn't an immature head case, HE plays that 2015 schedule. He's the one throwing to Marshall, Decker and Enunwa against the easiest schedule in the NFL. Do they make the WC? Who knows. But it would have been more Fools Gold for the Jets. Much like the ancient Vulcan proverb, "Only Nixon could go to China", it took Geno Smith to get to DARNOLD. Geno Smith was the key. He was the domino that had to get punched to start the chain reaction. And for that, we thank you and your epic stupidity Geno.
  6. Jet_Engine1

    Tony Sparano Passes Away

    Just saw this on NFLN. 56 is young, thats terrible. Rest in peace Tony.
  7. Jet_Engine1

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    Yeah. So lets just tell all of the players they cant stand for their flag. Any of them. Shut up and comply, Villanueva! Nobody cares about your military service. If you go out there to honor the USA, you're a bigot racist nazi.
  8. Jet_Engine1

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    "Urban" kids (wink-wink) dont care about the NFL, they watch Basketball and play Madden. "Metropolitan" kids (wink-wink) dont care about the NFL, they're "#Resisting" on twitter and ironing their skinny jeans. Cops, Firemen, Line workers, servicemen (and women), Construction workers, industry and manufacturing workers...you know, middle class "regular guys" targeted by all of those Bud Light, Doritos, and Pick Up truck ads are the key demographic that have been the bulk of NFL Fans carrying the leagues ratings for years. And guess what? A lot of us served in the military or had fathers and grandfathers that served, and believe it or not, it kind of annoys us to see these spoiled children (getting paid a lot of money) making their form of protest in a manner that disrespects our nation in our eyes. Their alienating the people they claim to be teying to win over. Maybe you should leave your insular, group-think 99% white liberal community for a bit? You know...go "slumming" as a lark. Oh, and if you think there are "72 year old WW2 vets", you need to check your math.
  9. Im hyped for this one so much. Cant wait to bring my boys!
  10. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/jeremy-bates-minicamp-press-conference-6-13 Our next HC paired with our FQB for the next 15 years.
  11. Didn't know MNF had a fu&king D Team, but there it is. Was Ian Eagle busy or something? LOL