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  1. Zac n' Press...just some good 'old boys, never meanin' no harm.... It's like a punchline.
  2. Jet_Engine1

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    A. The Jets are currently tens of millions of dollars under the cap RIGHT NOW and will be $100 M under next year, so unless you're getting an invoice from the Jets to help pay McCown, the money arguement is pointless and stupid. The arguement should be that we shouldn't have had that much money after rebuilding the Oline last Off season would be the arguement to make, but that's moot. B. Let's take a look at your "average" NFL Quarterback Coach...guys like Matt Cavanaugh, Brian Schottenheimer, Greg Knapp, David Culley...Kellen Moore. Guys who get the job by working through Coaching Staff assistant positions, nepotism, or random chance. These are guys who never had the talent to PLAY A DOWN in the NFL for the most part, never mind start. What is it they do that would be so special? LOL? Remember Sanchez IGNORING Callahan? Because he had no credibility. Coaching is important, but Talent and work ethic is what makes a successful starter. And a guy like Josh, who was never more than an adequate starter in the NFL knows more about being an NFL QB than a hack like Schotty....or a PRETENDER like Gruden will ever know. Bitching about Josh McCown functioning as de facto QB coach (a long with Bates) and wanting some random dude to yell at Darnold about footwork or "hot reads" is silly. So many real problems, and people are whinging about McCown. LOL.
  3. Jet_Engine1

    Damien Woody on fire.

    He's been coaching the Saints for a while....
  4. Jet_Engine1

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    I'm old. I keep thinking Macc drafted Milliner, but that was prior to his reign of Meh. My mistake, but the point stands.
  5. Jet_Engine1

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    That's a total fallacy. No, his first rounders didn't totally bust out or anything, but the man drafted an undersized ILB, an interior Lineman, and a freaking Strong Safety before Sam. His second rounders have been atrocious. Beyond that, it's the usual crapshoot. But KNOWING you will be developing a young QB and not investing in the O line, and the complete failure to recognize talent (or lack of) at the skill positions has been noteworthy and evident on the field. Passing JJ Smith-Schuster for Maye a round after taking Adams, and then reaching for Stewart and Hansen is a demotable series if events. And if having him as GM keeps desirable candidates away, you space the guy.
  6. Jet_Engine1

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    What's worse, he CAN'T get a good staff, or he WON'T get a good staff?
  7. Jet_Engine1

    I hate losing but...

    Any good safeties coming out? We're still doing that, right?
  8. Jet_Engine1

    Do I Sell My Tickets to Patriots Fans As Protest?

    Sell them. Give them away. Shred them. Whatever.

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