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  1. Red shirt. Big #2 on it.
  2. That interview is the epitome of being a professional.
  3. Did he really write "errand"??
  4. Thanks, brother, that's crazy perspective. And to be honest, it really is just a trivial number.... Yeah, we had to get out of the house, so I grabbed the family and booked 5 days right on Cocoa Beach, going to go to KSC tomorrow, and hopefully watch the Boeing Atlas V launch from the beach Friday. Trying to distract ourselves with sun, fun, and for me and Mrs., Rum.... My 12 year old is still having a hard time, I told him its a credit to his character how much he cares for others. Hes the kindest person I know. But on an unrelated note, I'm also keeping my eye out fo
  5. Thanks guys. That really sucked, but I stayed with him until the end. Its been a tough day. Cheers, guys.
  6. Woke up this morning and our 16 year old Cat Luke had a bloated, distended stomach. Brought him to the clinic figuring he had a constipation issue or something....Vet walks up to me and my heart sunk. First words out of his mouth were, "I'm so sorry...". Luke the Cat, my friend of 16 years, the pet my kids call "Our older Cat brother" has a large mass that has now caused organ failure. His normal checkup in March was, "Hes doing well, but feed him Hydrolyzed Protein food".... I took him home so we could all have another day with our buddy, got him all of his favorite foods, let him sit in the
  7. Ben Roethlisberger started his career throwing about 10 times a game. Same with Brady. Relax Karen
  8. Hmm, Rodgers has won: I think I'd be OK calling it a career from the Football, too. LOL.
  9. I've been responding to these calls for 2 decades. 24 year old, mid-day, 99.9% it was a distracted driver.
  10. Some stupid ******* a$$hole had to answer the phone....or text someone....or share a ******* meme....Or maybe had to **** with the radio or get something from the glove compartment, and now someone is dead. I've dealt with this more times than I can remember right now. Assholes driving distracted, texting, drunk, or just in a hurry and somebody dies, because we are a nation of selfish, self centered ****s that think the world revolves around them. I'm so ******* pissed off about this, and I don't even know why. I didn't know Coach Knapp, wasn't his friend, but t
  11. Robin Roberts shouldn't quit her day job. Awful as Jep host.
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