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    Too many.
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    The hot one
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  1. Jet_Engine1

    Total set up

    I've accepted reality..Cant get upset about something I know is coming.
  2. Jet_Engine1

    Total set up

    Why are the Jets playing Cleveland tonight in Primetime? The AFC East plays the AFC South this year. It doesnt make any sense. Why have two recent sh*t teams play a primetime game, so early in the season? Why schedule the Jets to have 3 games in 11 days, culminating in a road PT game against a team coming into the season 1-31, who open the season with two almost Guaranteed losses (Pitt, @NO). Please. Not a conspiracy, its just observation.
  3. Jet_Engine1

    Total set up

    NFL has decided they cant have a franchise go so long without a win, so they manipulated the schedule, and decided the Jets are the fall guys. 3 games in 11 days? Two road Primetime games...ending with a road game in Cleveland on 3 days rest? Please. Guarantee you the Jets get no calls tonight. Garrett lands full weight on Darnold? Don't worry about it. Enunwa pulled down byhis helmet? Didn't see it. Blatant interference on every Jets WR all night? Didnt happen, it was great coverage. And Jets ownership are too pussy to fight it, and when the Jets get screwed, Bowles just stands there, grinning silently. Its so transparent its almost laughable. Once again, the Jets will get to be the butt of Jokes for a while.
  4. NFL has done everything in their power to see the Browns get a win tonight.
  6. This thread is so much lolz. Guys arguing about Geno vs. Sanchez. Just a walk through memory lane where we were arguing over what stinking bag of trash was better than the other... The point? Context. Just sit back and enjoy the Darnold. Absolutely the real deal.
  7. Need a new hat! Talk to me, goose!
  8. I have like 55 Jets hats. I wear mabe 4 of them. Could always use more though....
  9. Not a reason to dislike him. Solid guy, quiet, productive. Buster Skrine, on the other hand.....
  10. Jet_Engine1

    Jets work out Will Beatty and others

    Just got off the phone with Mac. Told him I was honored to be considered for the tryout for LG, but I'm still rehabbing the elbow.

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