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  1. If I was Mac, I would first do some self scouting and do a no sh*t assessment of my prior drafts. I would then close my door, turn the lights down in the room, and have a real, self-aware, meditative contemplation of what I had done wrong, and why so many of the players I had drafted were not just underperforming, or "busts", but were complete, abject failures that can't even PLAY in the league as depth, much less as contributors....how much resources I had wasted, and why I was still trying to solve the same problems I had inherited 5 years ago. I would then gather myself, do a review of what the entire scouting apparatus of the Jets and the NFL could offer me on the upcoming NFL Draft, and get a feel for what my gut and my instincts told me to do. I would then write that out, give my full report to Heimerdinger, and tell him to do the EXACT F#UCKING OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WROTE. If I was Mike MacCagnan.....
  2. Jet_Engine1

    Update on Justin Houston

    Update: John Huston is still quite dead. Oh....never mind then.
  3. Jet_Engine1

    The Walking Dead

  4. Jet_Engine1

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Because when training camp starts, we need about 90 players. FFS, all of a sudden we need to have household names 70+ deep on the roster? C'mon, guys.
  5. Jet_Engine1

    Vontaze Burfict released by Bengals

    Didn't he assault his Mother or something?
  6. Jet_Engine1

    If the Giants are dumb enough

    See what you did to a perfectly good thread?? LOL
  7. DL is still a total box of sh*t
  8. You guys go look up Namath to Maynard. I'll wait here.
  9. Jet_Engine1

    Easton to Saints

    So Osemele actually didn't happen? Did I imagine that? LOL Do I think Jonatthon Harrison is the long term answer at C? No. I do seem to remember Harrison playing C down the stretch when Darnold was playing his best ball of the season. I remember Morse getting a huge payday and Paradis being afraid of big cities, and Anthony Barr agreeing to a contract before he refused it. LOL I also remember having a new coaching staff hired, and that the draft hasn't even happened yet. So, I'll let the off season actually proceed for more than a week before freaking out.
  10. Jet_Engine1

    Fluff piece!

  11. This thread has become a factory of sadness.
  12. Jet_Engine1

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Dolphin's QB

    It was inevitable....it was their Destiny....
  13. Jet_Engine1

    Giants wanted 49ers 2nd overall pick for OBJ

    After being bigtimed and sh*t on by the Giants for 50 years, and unable to even just do business with them, beyond them pretending they're somehow "soiled" by having to share a stadium with the riff raff....If Murray goes #1, I'd be tempted to draft Haskins at 3 and put him up to the highest bidder for anyone NOT the Giants. LOL

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