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  1. That makes no sense. Almost as stupid as it would be to trade the best player on your team who happened to be a top 3 Defensive talent away in the prime of his career over a couple of millions....oh, wait. LOL.
  2. Best call? Split decision: DuCasse. Call it a horrible pick the minute they drafted him. Darnold. Watched that Rose Bowl and was blown away. Worst Call? I thought Scott Frost would be a great safety.
  3. I'm just a dumb old Fireman. What did you expect, Chaucer?
  4. And yet here you are, doing the same. If you think talking to people you don't know is dumb, why are you on a ******* message board? LOL. You seem to have no problem telling people you dont know how much you LOVE Baker Mayfield (creepy), and then sh*t on anyone that likes OUR Quarterback. A grown man, taking the time to sit down and call people he doesn't know "ballwasher". Wow. Your life must be amazing..... Troll keeps trolling.
  5. This is the difference between being a conservative optimist and a flat out hater, btw @14 in Green Villain is a ball breaker, but we still know hes actually a Jets fan. You seem to have popped up the minute Faker got drafted just to sh*t on Darnold at every opportunity and scream witticisms like "BALLWASHER!!" at people with the audacity to root for the Quarterback of the New York Jets. Not that I expected you in this thread of your own volition, there's Baker Mayfield ballwashing to be done in other threads, after all.
  6. Mayfield gets quoted in an article, but can't man up and own it. What an insecure bitch.
  7. At least Brady had the decency to keep his yap shut until he actually did something in the league. This midget douchebag is a loser by his own standard and still runs his yap. Because hes a false confidence punk that has a need to validate himself. Its gonna be fun watching the dumpster fire the Browns become the millisecond they face adversity. Not shocked the guy voted "biggest douchebag in College Football" is your favorite player. LOL. And your rebuttal about Baker not playing D while ignoring legit arguments is typical. LOL. Pathetic. I know, I'm a Darnold "ball washer", right? This is a Jets fan site, if you dont like it, go back to BigBlew.com or maybe try to find a Browns Website. I hear that most of Cleveland has the interwebs nowadays.
  8. The Boys is awesome and I can't wait for season 2....BUT.... Expanse season 4 is back in December, and Amazon has already announced Season 5 is a go. Get on board if you love sci fi. Best sci fi show ever. Yes. EVER. I loved the BSG reboot,.but The Expanse is the sh*t. Here's a taste from season 2
  9. I agree with your points and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  10. Well, what the hell does.he know? Ohhhh.... https://youtu.be/oZzgAjjuqZM
  11. I'll go with "Jets played 3 games in 11 days and were on the road in Primetime on short rest, with a HC who had no clue how to adjust to a different QB for $1000, Alex" Also,.wasn't aware Sam was playing D in that game. Crazy!

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