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  1. This show is 50 years overdue. Have you read "Gone for Soldiers"? Great book, Grant was a legit BAMF in the Mexican War. I wrote a paper decades ago how Grant was overlooked as a true American Hero, because we let the Rednecks control the narrative of the Civil War for 100+ years, and they of course maligned the man. Grant was a "butcher ", but Lee, who sent tens of thousands of his men to die in frontal assaults was a "genius"..... Grant was a better man than me, I would have had any officer that had sworn an Oath to the United States that fought for the Confederacy tried for treason, and Bobby Lee shot.
  2. Yup, but now I'll be able to get closer, Melbourne or Cocoa.
  3. Read the books years ago. I can't picture that actor as Det. Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch
  4. It's not going away, people. It's just another virus for society to deal with. Afraid to do stuff because of Cov-2 19? You might as well prepare to spend the rest of your life sheltering at home, wearing a mask, avoiding human contact, and being fearful every day. Until you die anyway.
  5. Yup. Like it better than the black or white, and the new green is like walking around in a Highway sign.
  6. Bought a Jordan Jenkins Jersey (to Replace my Kris Jenkins). Got the gray because it looks classy (unlike the trash Black), and is more understated and "wearable" than the bright green or white imo. Why JJ, you ask? Any Jet that Yells GO ARMY!! after a win is alright in my book!

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