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    That's an awfully long post just to tell us your shoe size. Weird. @joewiliy12
  2. Ah yes, you're correct. Friend of mine worked that accident. Said it was Serena lol. But that story is BS. Said the Williams sis blew a light and cops on scene were going to cite her for failure to yield, disobeying traffic device, and texting while operating a vehicle. Guess that all went away.
  3. Were you aware that Serena William's recently killed an elderly man in an MVC in Palm Beach Gardens when she blew a red light while texting? Zero response from Media, WTA, or any other outlet. Not one real repercussion at all. Is that different? I know, we're on the same side here. Just thought I'd put that info on the interwebs for people to contemplate.
  4. How do you know he isn't? But then again, Chris Herndon is the only player in NFL history to get in a car accident while DUI. Maybe he should just be banned for life? Maybe anyone caught DUI should just receive summary roadside non-judicial execution? Will that work for you?
  5. Really? I know of around 4 or 5 vocal posters (trolls) that have been acting "dismayed" by Darnolds rookie year. When you talk positive about him, they'll typically start screaming "Darnold ballwasher" and other intelligent comments at you. Most of them seem to have stfu lately, though.
  6. Stronger is different. The strongest I've been in my life was 3 years ago at 45 years old. Fastest? When I was about 17. LOL. I could run a mile in about 5 minutes back then for track. The Army destroyed my knees though, so what do I know? Maybe I could have gotten faster...
  7. To quote my favorite Bible verse from the Book of Job, "**** that sh*t, bro. Seriously?"...paraphrased of course.
  8. Go to Lamar Jackson with Jets on first and goal. What the fuuuuck
  9. Like the channel. Lose the hat. You look like a goof... not in a good way.
  10. But still cant pay his bills, apparently. The retard will be destitute 10 years after he retires.
  11. Because hes a relatively ordinary player at a position that's not hugely important anymore who will be looking for stupid money soon. That's why.
  12. Rolling around somewhere in my parents house is a baseball signed by Steinbrenner and Trump. I know its authentic because I was the one who walked up to them sitting in the box seats at the old West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium and had them sign it on 1984 or so. Also have a Sadaharu Oh signed ball.

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