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  1. 16 hours a day for 2 days of OT, but worried I might become a cult member. Dangerous times. If you never hear from me again, its because I'll be working on myself and moving towards full self-actualization and true fulfillment.
  2. Shoulda used him like a rented mule (which is what he is) while the o line got its crapntigether and Darnold was out.
  3. Not so Controversial opinion: You do not buy Sushi from Gas Stations, convenience stores, Chinese Restaurants, or any state without a direct coastline on the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Carribbean, or Sea of Cortez.
  4. Please. "I want to die on the field!" "My boo boo hurts....". Dudes a phony.
  5. Literally none of this has happened. It's a carbon copy of: 2018 2017 2016 2014 2013 2012 2011 2007 2005 2000 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 And on and on.
  6. Hes already seen it. I was 1st ID for 3 years of my time, and he loves it because of me and Mark Hamill. LOL
  7. GB, I love your stuff, bro. I have a 10 and 8 year old. I told them to root for Anyone...other than the Jets or Pats My 8 year old will wind up a Jets fan because...he just will. My 10 year old doesn't give F#CK about Football. He loves Luke Skywalker (yeah, poor kid) and The First Infantry Division.
  8. But oh hell yes! Walgreens just texted me that my Ambien prescription is refilled! Thank God I can go abuse ambien and feel better tonight! Hooray, me!
  9. O - 11 Team A "Home Crowd" of about 10,000 Nice weather. 1:00, normal game time. Easy travel day. Jets completely sh*t the bed and get dominated. **** them.
  10. Why? What's the difference? They're the 7th most important franchise in the NYC area, they're a joke, they will always be second fiddle, the NFL will always sh*t on them, their fan base is cynical ****s and out of towner NY Diaspora like us. **** it. Get out and start over.
  11. Fire Gase. Cut everyone. Skip out on rent. Move franchise to San Antonio. As a start.
  12. Again? I stopped watching after I cashed out. Just reacting to the thread now between errands.
  13. It doesn't matter. This franchise will always be fail. Its an excercise in futility. Nobody born after about 1983 has an excuse for rooting for this garbage.
  14. No. Dolphins. Saints. TB. Browns The Jets are the team designated to take the loss for 0'fer teams. Over and over again.
  15. I just conceded. Cashed out. The bar staff (all in Dolphins gear) started pitying me. Nope.

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