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  1. Really? Its on us. The sh*tshow is literally on us.
  2. UH, he was killed in a tragic accident. Like, a few weeks ago.
  3. May I introduce you to 1970s Jets Football??
  4. What does Sauron represent in this?
  5. When is this a$$hole arguement going to stop? 6'3 220 4.3 40. Who ******* cares how stupid he is? He musta 5 holed LaFleurs wife.
  6. I believe the technical term may be "quitting", but I haven't watched a second of the game today, so I'm probably wrong.
  7. Hes playing for his next contract. Elsewhere. A. Why would he care, and B. He knows JD us too cheap and stupid to resign him
  8. I have also noticed that all of our new LDS folks that joined up recently have pulled a Helen...
  9. Fantastic job of totally missing the point. But you do you.
  10. We know suck when we see it. The Jets have taught us well.
  11. Saleh is the next Mike Tomlin. Unfortunately, in order to be successful that requires working for the Steelers organization, and having a fully built and developed team built by super competent people handed to you.
  12. I can't wait for the plan to come to its inevitable conclusion, when Denzel Mims, Sam Darnold, Matt Rhule, Robby Anderson, Frankie Luvu, and James Morgan hoist the Lombardi trophy in Charlotte, North Carolinas victory parade
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