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  1. Sorry. Deserves more than one thread.
  2. long time jet fans knew

    Fixed that for ya, Buddy!

    Todd Bowles is single handedly derailing any progress this team is trying to make. Dude needs to go.
  4. Remind me again of how many fourth quarter leads we've blown this year? How many games the Jets have shown up to and seemed to be sleepwalking? How many times poor discipline and atrocious clock management have cost this team? I think the Jets OC gets a mulligan for yeaterday after all of the complete and utter failures we have witnessed from the Head Coach. I'd argue that Morton has been one of the few positives from the coaching staff this season.....
  5. You were buying into a media created situation that was never reality. This team was never what the media douchebags thought it was. Its trendy to bash the Jets, even the Jets beat reporters regularly do it, but this past offseason it reached a frenzy.. "I cant see the Jets winning a single game".. -Ross Tucker, Sirius NFL radio amd douchebag Patriot ballsucker "The Jets let all of their talented players go. Whos catching the ball, an undrafted free agent?" "The Jets have the least talented Offense in recent memory" "The Jets are tanking, its obvious. They let all of their talented veterans go, or retire". - ESPN writ large All garbage. Talent wise, the Jets have ZERO superstars right now. None. But they do have a lot of solid, competent, professional NFL players. Bilal Powell is a perfect example. Not a big name, not really a guy that gets much attention in tye media, but a solid running back when healthy. Robbie Anderson, a 6'3 guy who runs in the 4.3s. Tons of potential and talent, but a COMPLETE unknown outside of New York until a few weeks ago. Josh McCown may be a journeyman, but the guy is a competent QB who has always been on teams even WORSE than the '17 Jets. Hes not a FQB, but given help hes been middle of the pack. ASJ (who has gotten ****ed over more than any other player Ive ever seen this season by the refs) was a 2nd round pick and considered a blue chip TE talent before his Tampa Bay DUI and troubles. Guy got his sh*t together this offseason amd actually brought NFL level TE play. Wesley Johnson IS bad, but the rest of the line is pretty average. The hyperbole of the Jets fielding a D2 Football team this year and getting bliwn out for 16 weeks was just noise. The reality is that the Jets are honestly comparable Talent wise to most of the teams in the NFL, but without the elite talent here or there to push them over. They are inconsistent, but unless you're the ******* Patriots, guess what? The entire NFL is inconsistent. The Broncos game notwithstanding, the Jets have been in every game over the course of the last 3 months. So the idea that this Jets team has "overachieved" is a falsehood. To be honest, the team has UNDERACHIEVED. And MOST of that, contrary to the sound bites and talking points during the offseason has fallen SQUARELY on our underachieving, DEFENSE. Yes. The defense has badly underachieved. Mo Wilkerson is just collecting a paycheck. Leonard Williams is just a run stuffing DT. Our LBs are pedestrian. Our Corners are below average for the most part (Claiborne has had his moments, but hes been shredded by top WRs). Our rookie safety play has been loud but pretty ordinary. And these failings are on Bowles and his defensive staff as well as the last 2 GMs who have invested a lot of capital into the defense with underwhelming returns. BUT....its still a defense good enough to get a team to the 4-8 win level. Even the defense was AVERAGE ENOUGH to be better than the 1-15\2-14 squad everyone predicted them to be. So to me, this team has hardly "overachieved", and the entire notion is a fallacy. A construct put forth in the preseason by the ESPN ECHO Chamber and the New York Sporta media trying to outso each other in hyperbole. Sadly, the "Tank" was never happening, and when you look back at blown 4th quarter leads, the "Zombie Games" like Tampa and Denver, you can legitimately make the case that to this point, the Jets have underachieved, and I place the blame mostly on Bowles. But none of this matters, nor should it ever have occured. Going 7-9/8-8 with Josh McCown (which was the reasonable expectation pre McCown Injury) was a completely pointless endeavor.
  6. Cheaters fans invade South Florida

    Worst fanbase ******* ever
  7. Jet up thoughts

    Jet up........ ..........
  8. Broken hand for McCown

    Are you really this sensitive? LOL. Relax. I was reacting to the weeping 38 year old Millionaire Football player, not you
  9. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    That was an embarrassment. Until the Jets sh*tcan Bowles, Ill join your non-support movement, Villain.
  10. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    Well, aside from McCown....lol
  11. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    Petty scrambled and ran out of bounds to stop the clock. How cute.
  12. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    Gotta establish the run. Its Chapter one, page one of the "Coaching Football for Dummies, 1993 Edition" that Bowles uses to construct his game plans. He bought it from Marty Schottenheimer at a garage sale.
  13. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    We got it. You're done with the Jets. You've told us all how done with the Jets you are about 10 times in the last 24 hours. Yet here you are. Weird.
  14. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Who are you talking to? LOL
  15. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    Apparently the "good" Jets stayed in New York after the KC game, and the "bad" Jets drove to Denver from Tampa Bay....
  16. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    If Hackenberg, Petty, or Mike "Lost his job to a guy Named Mitch" had been the QB, we STILL wouldnt have had any idea about Robbie Anderson. Because those 3 guys are incompetent starting QBs. While Josh McCown isnt the future, he has been very important in helping develop the guys who will be.
  17. At what? LOL. They both suck, but at least Mark was likeable. Whatever. You guys are arguing about which sh*t sandwich tastes better. At least the one sh*t sandwich had some improbable playoff wins, as opposed to the mopey one that had his chance broken by a teammate over a couple hundred bucks....