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  1. Shockingly, the new Superman show on CW was pretty good. Whole family (including 2 pre teen boys) sat and watched the pilot like it was 1988. I know... CW, right? They may well ruin it, but we got almost 2 hours of actual heroic, good guy Superman. Yeah, there's team drama (It is CW), but it was actually well done.
  2. LOL. Nah, I hope you enjoy it, but I get how some tastes must be acquired.
  3. Yes. First couple of eps are....slow and disjointed. But think about how trash tye first couple of GOT eps were. Its the last decent sci-fi around.... Give it a chance. I even got my Hallmark Christmas Movie loving wife into it.
  4. I DESPISE clowns and all forms of clownery.
  5. In other news, Sam Darnold dies at 23 from
  6. The Man Who Couldn't Turn?? As QB? Say it ain't so.
  7. I've run that call dozens of times. Sad. RIP
  8. I know! Too bad she wasn't a tolerant, kind, loving person like this current Disney employee.... Or this cool Dude, bro! My fave about Pete's post? Its a pic of neither America or 2018, but whatevs, his thoughts are double-plus good, so
  9. He gets open and catches balls. He fits any offense.
  10. Keep Hewitt. Saleh and Joe keep talking about "Culture", a guy like Hewitt, who plays specials while Starting at MLB and playing well are rare examples of hard work and the type of player you want on the roster. I like how he comports himself on the field as well. Dude is a Hardworking, productive pro. Honestly, I'd keep Hewitt over Sandy Mangina Mosely. Hard worker who scraps for everything, and gave about 80% of what Mosely would give for pennies on the dollar, vs a Malingering quitter who can't ******* STAND being a Jet? **** it. Find a way to sh*tcan
  11. XL. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-New-York-Jets-Superbowl-Football-Jersey-Size-XL-/293995721397
  12. Jesus ******* Christmas, does nobody understand Sarcasm or satire anymore? Are we seriously this stupid now? Do I need to EXPLAIN how this is a pushback against the armchair GMs who have been sh*tting on this kid for any and every pathetic reason possible? Really, Dunnie? **** it. Ban me.
  13. What a douchebag piece of sh*t, adderall fueled Mormon elitist!! Totally Evil!!
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