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  1. Rodgers has added Dwight Stone to his list of demands
  2. The M249 I carried to war rattled like a can full of nickles on a Jet Ski. Lol. Ran like a top, though. SAWs better dry, M-60 needed to be lubed up like a porn set
  3. Lots of machine shops and manufacturers in Brevard County. There's even a place called "Pint & Pistol", a combined bar and restaurant with a Gun Shop and Shooting Range. Not kidding. Lol https://g.co/kgs/XahQ8R
  4. Agreed! I personally like Daniel Defense and for an economical choice, Palmetto Armory is nice. A good starter is the Ruger AR556. What do you guys think?
  5. Yeah, I hope so. Just don't like them throwing a name up like that, it's almost like Cimini is trying to cause trouble. Very Mehta move...
  6. Bro, you're the most sensitive, politically motivated Mod on any Jets board I have ever posted on...
  7. OK, I'll delete the thread. Let's get back to gnashing our teeth over Rodgers and sh*tting on Zach Wilson. My bad, Slats.
  8. https://thejetpress.com/posts/ny-jets-news-jermaine-johnson-trade-odell-beckham-suitor This morning...
  9. Just saw an article and have seen other places talking about Jermaine Johnson being part of a trade package for Rodgers. I would prefer to use E. Moore as trade bait for a variety of reasons (bit of a malcontent, easily replaceable, 2nd Round pick) and would prefer to see what JJ turns into in NY, and we're already not so strong at LB/Edge. So, any thoughts? Cimini is the latest to mention JJ as trade comp, do we think it's total speculation or can the Pack be asking for JJ as a way to sell their fanbase on "We got a first rounder"....
  10. Hell yeah!! Now you're talking. Just stay out of the water, NSB is the WORLD CAPITOL of Shark Bites. πŸ˜† 🦈 🦈 🦈
  11. The stadium is trash. 30/32 only ahead of Jax and Buffalo. It's just a fact at this point.
  12. WTF is "VFW Status"? LOL. Are you the Bar Commander or the guy who drinks the most bloody Mary's on Sunday Mornings? I kid. Kind of. Did you mean VA status under USERRA?
  13. So Darnold, Jamalcontent, and Snack Harrisons agents are butthurt? Oh no.
  14. Why anyone has that child on a network talking sports is beyond me. Ridiculous. She wasn't hired, she was "cast as".
  15. Baldness Catchphrases Motivational T-shirts Stair Climbs Smiling! Trendy wristbands Cranium shining πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Fist pumps
  16. Yeah, that's pretty much how everything has worked out the last few years among the "media"..... πŸ˜†
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