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  1. I cleaned out the garage a few days ago. Threw out about 30 years worth of old Jets hats I have bought over the years. Didn't want them any more, and they were completely valueless. Thrown in the garbage. Felt zero remorse. I think a few jerseys will be making the trip as well. No, I'm not sending them to anyone. **** that. They aren't worth my time it would take, and who wants the jersey of a bunch of has-been losers, anyway.
  2. Just saw Dune again, in IMAX this time. I actually preferred the Dolby Cinema theatre, the more powerful directional sound was better for the experience imo. Anyway, second viewing caught a bunch of small details I missed. And man, Jamis was prominent in so many visions...its actually sad when he dies instead of just being a throwaway character and a**hole like in the book and extended version 1984.
  3. My cousins had that. I would get in trouble because I would just spell out "a**hole" and stuff with it because it was hilarious. ANYWAY, go, Mike White....
  4. Most people don't know that El Segundo means The Segundo!
  5. How dare you disparage the program built by legendary Jets former Head Coach Al Groh!
  6. I agree with you 100%. Too bad Tebow didn't get the same courtesy.
  7. Max Racism is an excellent longsnapper.
  8. A bit of a deep dive that I really liked....Paul has a vision of Jamis, where he is a friend to Paul and tells him he will "teach him how to live in the desert"... but they wind up dueling to the death and Paul kills him (the first person Paul ever kills). I thought it was really cool to see how Paul's visions are fluid, and things change based on the decisions people make. He isn't omniscient. Yet. Just a cool take on the Paul and Jamis fight. Also, Duncan Idahos last stand was ******* awesome. I thought Idaho was the stand out character, but I've always li
  9. The trick to being a hard ass is knowing when to lay off. Judge obviously never figured that part out....Parcells was the MASTER of that. That's the point of starting off hard, setting a tone, and figuring people out. When you have them on their toes but not flinching whenever you walk into the room (lol), you surprise them by taking a lighter tone. When you have people that want to do well FOR you, and not out of fear or anxiety, it's a good thing. And when they know you're actually a good guy that has their back BUT they also know you can be a genuine hardass when you need to be
  10. Can we just pretend Flacco has been our QB the last 5 years, and Darnold and Wilson never happened??
  11. I just explained this concept to someone I supervise that I've known for 20 years. I'm a hardass on the new personnel in the office, and have high expectations. I try to push new investigators to be better, and it generally works. Once I figure the person out and what leadership style they respond best to, I ease up. But you can NEVER start easy and then try to be a hard ass later. That NEVER works. Its why Military Boot Camps around the world function the way they do. Because it is proven and works. Saleh has been a huge disappointment.
  12. Keep eating that sh*t sandwich and telling us how DE-LICIOUS it is.
  13. If I could, I would arrange to send you to grill him. I think you both deserve it.
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