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  1. Just get him a line, and in an NFL "Strength and Conditioning" program, and he'll be great...
  2. Yeah. I always get ads for Audible, and yoga pants. Because I read a lot and apparently look up "Women in yoga pants" more than is truly necessary....or not.
  3. "Wake up, Mother****er!" -Becton, Lawson, Williams, Crowder, McGovern, Maye, Hall, Mosely (He WOULD start for other teams...just not the Jets )
  4. So many words for something that can be answered by, "no sh*t". All I want to see is competence and professionalism after the sh*tshow we've been subjected to the past few years.
  5. Chuck Norris posts Joe Judge memes...
  6. Thought this would be thread about the poor guys emerging neurological issues.
  7. WTF did they DO to Cheetarah!! And when did Pathero become a gorilla?? WTF!
  8. Thats why its going to be the consensus choice.... I think its a good name. Lots of cool branding ideas.
  9. More like the Bayeux Tapestry. But of the Jets.
  10. Made it to 50 with no tattoos. If I got a Jets tatt, it would be after something Army or FD related. If.
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