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  1. The Texans. THE. Texans. The........... Texxxannnnns.....
  2. Imagine if had good QB play. Dude would be a phenom. Too bad he's stuck with our trash.
  3. Where does the buck stop? Where does coaching flow from? THIS TEAM is poorly coached and not disciplined. Never mentioned a subunits, because that misses the point.
  4. Hey, look! All the usual suspects that apparently think the coach is doing a GREAT JOB, and in fact this IS a "Well Coached" team with good discipline and smarts...lol
  5. Thats not the Southeastern Utah State Fightin' Pioneers Zach is playing today.
  6. As long as the Johnsons allow the Jets to be treated like third-rate citizens of the league, nothing will ever change.
  7. Buh bye, Bobby. All door, no ass Yeah, yeah "but the refs...!" Who cares. This is a dumb football team.
  8. The Defense under Ulbrich and Saleh is a total embarrassment.
  9. You're right. The coaches are clearly not the problem. Let's just cut every player that went to College on Scholarships for playing Football, made it into the NFL based on a ability to play Football, but mystically lost the ability to tackle this year for no reason and new variables whatsoever.
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