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  1. I go to Indy for FDIC every couple of years, always have a great time.
  2. People worried about poor Henry Ruggs. The guy ruined how many lives with his stupidity.
  3. I hate this format for the league. No offense to 80, its not you or the guys....but I got royally ****ed over on Sunday when Dak went out last second AFTER I lost Jameis for the year...tried to pick up another qb but it wouldn't let me, so I had to drop Dak to fill the spot (grabbed his backup and did ok), but then someone claimed him. **** this sh*t. Everyone hoarding QBs.... I have Siemien starting at this point. Thanks, guys...
  4. Culture on this has changed drastically over the past 30 years. I remember in the late 70s, my dad (a Police Officer!) would grab a beer for a drive to the beach or whatever and it was completely legal and fine. Can you remember those days? If you're younger, could you imagine? Back in the 1980s, having "a few beers" and driving wasn't even blinked at It was just....normal. When the Police Unions embraced MADD and DARE programs in the 90s, things changed. Limited went from .1 to .08 in most places. And awareness increased. For the past 20 years, EVERYONE k
  5. A solid investigation will refute that easily by analyzing burn patterns and points of origin through material analysis, which will more likely than not rule out that hypothesis. Hybrid batteries are usually located directly behind the rear seat, below a horizontal firewall between the passenger compartment and trunk. Determining the point of origin should be relatively simple. While the ignition source may be electrical, the cause will most likely be high energy collision/impact. Fire determination under NFPA 921 will probably be listed as 'accidental', but due to gross negligenc
  6. Reportedly had a 96 mph fastball...6 years ago...
  7. Those fires are typically caused by a fault in the 47kW hybrid battery, typically from faulty charging practices or battery "runaway". Hyundai and Kia have been notorious for it the last few years, Toyota not as frequent but not unheard of. The fire in this case more likely than not a result of fuel tank/line breach and ignited fuels. Once the fuel get ls going, cars light up fast and intense. Modern cars are actually very flammable. Tye last Vehicle Fire Investigation class I taught, we put a bag of chips on the floor by the pedals of a car and lit it with a BBQ lighter (no othe
  8. Post accident fires are common in high impact vehicle collisions.
  9. Damn, kid is good. Both Michael Carters are really good.
  10. Read the reports coming out. Drunk ahole driving fast crossed into oncoming traffic and killed a girl. Period. Stop with the virtue signalling.
  11. So, if the 23 year old girl who burned to death was drunk, its ok? What? WTF is the point of this post? Have you read any of the posts regarding the incident? JFC.
  12. They cut the hood to access the engine compartment (at the hinges), if they used a Halligan on the hood, it would have been at a corner to "peel" it for nozzle access. Doesn't look like that, either. Many modern engines have components made of magnesium, titanium, and boron. They are all relatively reactive metals and spalling could have caused those marks. The only time you see that many holes in a hood or other panel of a car would be during training....and trust me, you don't do that at a fatality scene. But its hard to make specific determinations based on photos.
  13. If my mom, wife, or best friend had signed a multi-million dollar deal and had access to generational wealth and decided to get hammered and drive a car into oncoming traffic and kill an innocent bystander, who ******* burned to death, as much as I care for them, they would deserve whatever penalty was issued. I've run on calls like this. I have zero tolerance for it.
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