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  1. So, you have to "complete the catch", unless you aren't the Jets, then you really don't need to "complete the catch". Got it.
  2. "This defense needs to start exerting itself. " Come on, Troy. Everyone knows fat people don't like exertion.
  3. This moment Trash these sh*trags. They stink of failure and ineptitude.
  4. No, you shouldn't have. Trust me. Go see Dune again. Or 2 hours of previews. Or take a walk. Or do a brutal crossfit workout. Anything else.
  5. 110% Hes trash, and so is Wilson. I have no interest in watching a Jets team QB'd by him. I know its irrational, but I have developed a loathing of him at a level I haven't had for a player before since Geno.
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