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  1. If they draft Hamilton in the top 10, I'm setting something on fire.
  2. Berrios as the ONLY THREAT today was pretty damned good. Berrios as a situational guy with designed touches as a #3/4 option would be a heck of a weapon. You reward guys like that...but if things are anything like they always have been in Jetland, Berrios walks and we give Mims "one more chance".
  3. I wish this was reality. It would be Hilarious:
  4. All of those guys pre draft were ALL IN on the Jets drafting Fields or Lance. They've been sh*tty to the kid all year. They need to clean house on the post game.
  5. Jet_Engine1

    It hurt

    Uh, Hamilton WAS the lunatic....
  6. Indeed. Is there a guy like that? I was the guy back a couple of years ago that wanted DK Metcalf at 3 overall. I'm ALL ABOUT building a damn track team rounded out with a couple of Power Forwards and for Wilson to just play PG and overwhelm defenses like KC and now Cincy. THAT would be fun.
  7. NOW you're talking. No Edge Rushers in 1. Sorry. We spent 20 damn years drafting Defense. Want this kid to have a chance? Get him legit playmakers.
  8. You watch me Investigate Fires?? Are you an arsonist?
  9. Thanks for the promotion!! Joe Burrow had one last week....
  10. Statistically, that's Zach Wilson's average game, Chief. The fact that that's all you took out of my post just tells me you have no interest in an actual discussion. Good to know. Back to work. "YAY!! OUR GUY THREW FOR A WHOLE 200 YARDS!! HES THE BESTEST GAME MANAGER EVER!!
  11. I've said in a few places that Wilson looked good today, he looked like he belonged on the field. But we're a long way from calling it a done deal. Darnold had a few games at the end of 2018 and a few in 2019 that Wilson hasn't come within an AU of yet, so let's pump the brakes on the victory tour. He's throwing for 200 yards. In a league where 500+ isn't all that rare anymore. Great! He's not ballistically striking gopher dens anymore. Now we gotta get some people around him and see what he can really do. Enough with the drops, injuries, and
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