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  1. Maybe that was the point.... Wilson looked solid today, he looked like he belonged in the league instead of the inaccurate spaz in the pocket that was hurling V-2 Rockets at anthills for weeks at a time. Buy we have a long way to go. We're celebrating 200 yard games with one TD and no picks in a league where guys named Davis Mills, Josh Johnson, and Tyler Heineken come in and throw for 400. Hell, Joe Burrow recently had a 500+ yard game. A lot of this has to do with the team around him, but it's an important factor. They NEED to get reliable receivers
  2. Are you in the Spectrum? This is your 4th identical post on it. Let it go, Nancy. And yes, my oldest son is in the spectrum. Obsessive behavior is a hallmark.
  3. It was Echols, and it was the ball he picked off of a HOFer. You guys are ******* clowns. Do you fistfight guys from other corporations if you bump into them out for dinner??
  4. LaFleur: Rob, we gotta go for it here I think Saleh: Yup, inside the 10, let's go for it. LaFleur: Got it, we're gonna call a run Saleh: Ok buddy! let's get it! LaFleur: OK Zach, 11 tight, 23 gap Z dive Saleh: ...... That's how it went.
  5. Why the thumb down, @Barry McCockinner? They were in Cover 2 that whole last drive.
  6. They can't deal with it. Cognitive Dissonance. Talking about an 11-4 team with a couple of injuries, playing against a team without 2 Starting O linemen, 3 of their top WRs, their top 2 backs, etc.
  7. Both of these announcers can go suck a giant c*ck. Sorry, but **** these assholes. I hope Moose Johnson contracts gonorrhea. Happy New Year!
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