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  1. Not immediate. He failed us. He failed the future. The fact that he was able to draft a DT at #3, Jachai Polite, and Chuma Edoga with his first 3 picks..... Disaster.
  2. Maybe, probably, who knows? All I know is that the Jets have made the wrong possible move at every conceivable decision tree for years. We are literally watching one of the worst case scenario decision matrices play out in real time.
  3. Those people are called "Michiganders" or Alumni, and in their hearts, even they know those Helmets actually suck.
  4. Counterpoint: Any COMPETENT NFL COACH was going to want to have Maccagnan removed, which is why Mac hired the one guy who seemingly didn't have the juice or record to have him sh*tcanned Immediately. He thought the universally despised Gase would have the human emotion "gratefulness". He also knew McCarthy would have isolated and marginalized him immediately. The fact that Adam Gase was such a disgrace and a despised person in the NFL made Mac think he would be safe. He was wrong, but Gase's failure to marginalize him immediately gave us two years of awful drafting and
  5. Georgia is kicking that ass so far. You know that Defense wants retribution.
  6. Notre Dame hasn't belonged in plenty of playoffs, let's just let Cincinnati not belong this year.
  7. Which one? Gotta go with the original, no offense to Lando and Wedge. Happy New Year!
  8. Happy New Year, and good riddance to this era of total sh*t known as 2021
  9. You and I agree more than not here, but not on this. "Not competent" Head Coaches don't have the success MM has had and is having. Had he come here, we would have had an actual NFL level coaching staff instead of the Bush league, amateur hour cast-offs we've had for damn near 10 years now. I get it ..."But Rodgers!! But Dak!!". Yeah, I got it. The Jets drafted a raw but talented QB at #3 and paired him with a DC who was completely divested of the offense, and Adam Gase and his buddy Frodo. Who knows? Maybe things would have worked out differently. And then, get thus,
  10. He wound up being a pretty good Guard if I remember correctly.
  11. McCarthy would at least have had the Jets looking like a competently coached and run, actual NFL Football Team, unlike the relegation candidates they've been since 2016..
  12. I wasn't that bad, but close. I think my take was that his Big man on Small Campus act combined with a very strange brand of....personal beliefs wouldn't work in the NY market.
  13. I wanted McCarthy. What does that make me?
  14. My wife, who was born in Brooklyn, LOVES Olive Garden. It's disturbing. We go there on occasion and I stare at the menu for 20 minutes, waiting for something appetizing to appear... It's atrocious, Chow Hall level dining.
  15. Sadly, Betty died today at 99, 3 weeks before her 100th Birthday. RIP, Betty. You certainly earned it.
  16. Force him?? You know it's not the Army, right? They can't really "force" anyone to do something they don't want to do. And for all this, "he's young, he's a baby", **** that. This is HIS career. If he can't find the desire to work, to find the discipline to do what it takes, that's on him. Not JD, not Saleh, not the coaches. You have to be WILLING to be coached. You have to have the desire to better yourself and progress in your craft or trade. Nobody can want it for him. I worried about Becton before we drafted him. He was used to just pushing smaller people aroun
  17. "Alright, Mekhi! This is the NFL, and you're a big part of our plan moving forward. We have a conditioning plan for you, the health and welfare staff have prepared a nutrition plan for you to optimize your performance! We're going to invest as much time and resources into helping you achieve as much greatness as possible, and we want you to be our 15 year Left Tackle, a Pro Bowler, and maybe a Hall of Fame player! What do you say! You ready??!" "Yeah, shiiit, man. I'm HONGRY. Lemme grab some Bell, and then I gotta go see the trainer again. My, uh, feet hurt today and I'm honestly
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