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  1. Please let me know where the magical place you live is, where bad things don't happen to people. I could really use a break. Glad you guys were OK. That could have been really bad.
  2. Apparently you've never been on the LIE.
  3. Im glad everything was ok. In 2017, my station, particularly me and my crew, had a rough year. Our station was on a major roadway into West Palm (Okeechobee Blvd). We worked about an average of 3 fatal accidents a month, and then it ramped up even more November/December. I have always been whats called a "Black Cloud" in the Fire Service. When the position of lead Fire Investigator opened, I jumped on it. Best decision I ever made for my mental health and career.
  4. NEVER, EVER WALK ALONG A HIGHWAY. AND NEVER, NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO CHANGE A TIRE ON A HIGHWAY. We have had at least a dozen SoFla Firefighters killed in the last 10 years trying to help people by changing a flat. All of them off duty, doing what we do - helping people. Hell, as dangerous as our job can be Tow Truck drivers have jobs just as dangerous, but without the same kind of respect.
  5. I've been the guy that had to tell people that their loved one has died too many times. And I have kids. I guess between those 2 factors I've developed a bit of empathy.
  6. Haskins was in South Florida for personal work outs at FAU with his Steelers teammates. Florida is where all the major, high end athletic training centers are for the offseason, due to weather, available facilities, etc. Jeez.
  7. A 24 year old man died in a tragic accident and this is what you want to talk about?
  8. And EVERYBODY went to his birthday party.
  9. Foley is a 0 Tech DT for a 3-4. And a pretty damn good one. He even has the ability to pressure upfield. But I think for what we run, JFM is the type of Int DL they want. Good for Foley, though. Good dude, good player.
  10. That got Zach Thomas to the cusp of the HOF. LOL
  11. He's Elijah Moore. We have one of those. Bring me the Tank!
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