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  1. My wife, who was born in Brooklyn, LOVES Olive Garden. It's disturbing. We go there on occasion and I stare at the menu for 20 minutes, waiting for something appetizing to appear... It's atrocious, Chow Hall level dining.
  2. Sadly, Betty died today at 99, 3 weeks before her 100th Birthday. RIP, Betty. You certainly earned it.
  3. Force him?? You know it's not the Army, right? They can't really "force" anyone to do something they don't want to do. And for all this, "he's young, he's a baby", **** that. This is HIS career. If he can't find the desire to work, to find the discipline to do what it takes, that's on him. Not JD, not Saleh, not the coaches. You have to be WILLING to be coached. You have to have the desire to better yourself and progress in your craft or trade. Nobody can want it for him. I worried about Becton before we drafted him. He was used to just pushing smaller people aroun
  4. "Alright, Mekhi! This is the NFL, and you're a big part of our plan moving forward. We have a conditioning plan for you, the health and welfare staff have prepared a nutrition plan for you to optimize your performance! We're going to invest as much time and resources into helping you achieve as much greatness as possible, and we want you to be our 15 year Left Tackle, a Pro Bowler, and maybe a Hall of Fame player! What do you say! You ready??!" "Yeah, shiiit, man. I'm HONGRY. Lemme grab some Bell, and then I gotta go see the trainer again. My, uh, feet hurt today and I'm honestly
  5. Revis and Butthead are still a thing, They even made a new season a couple of years ago for MTV. Revis Island was a thing for 10 minutes, pretty much only in NY. My kids classmates all know who "The Great Cornholio" is...but that might actually be my fault.
  6. The 22 year old intern that selected the file photo has no idea who Revis is. Probably thinks Revis is the guy that hangs out with Butthead
  7. He did, and when he reported it, the usual subjects sh*t on Tony....until Mac got fired 3 hours later.
  8. "ITS not what you preach, what you tolerate becomes the new standard. If you tolerate poor performance, poor performance becomes the new standard". -Jocko Willink, Extreme Ownership
  9. "Powder Blue" is for p*ssies. I think guys heard someone once say during a broadcast, "Those chargers uniforms are the best in the league" when they were 12 or so, and it became ingrained as an opinion. **** them. They're almost as weak and effeminate as Miamis teal trash. Stop it.
  10. Why would they need GPS to track him? Track him doing what? Wandering the buffets of Atlantic City? GPS? They can track him with a seismograph and a telescope.
  11. The word everyone is looking for is "LAZY". I called this sh*t 2 years ago. He's the kind of guy that never really had to work hard. He was bigger than all of the other kids in HS, he could just push guys around in College, and the only time he put in work was with the big payday on the line (the draft). He simply defaulted to the norm.
  12. Florida "shut down" for about 2 weeks, and contrary to the nonsense you've heard on your favorite cable news provider, has done as well or better than pretty much everywhere else. So, I guess smart is as smart does? But hey, the New York Assembly is apparently going to vote on a Bill in January 5th that will allow the state to "detain anyone deemed to be a public hazard....place them in a medical or other facility, and forcibly vaccinate persons". All against the Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. So you got that to look forward to!! Super smart!
  13. Turned a 6 week recovery into see you next year. Until proven otherwise, sounds like a guy not interested in getting back to work.
  14. Wait, exactly when was Bectons knee "destroyed"? From what I remember, it was a sprained pcl or dislocated kneecap or something relatively routine. Stop it. Dude didn't tear ACL/MCL, his knee wasn't "destroyed".
  15. Yeah, right now just taking a hot shower wiped me out. Going to ease back into it, on the glass half full side, I now qualify for "Senior" Games and I'm the Masters Division, so no more open divisions against geared up meatheads! Not many 242+ guys left when you hit the Masters-2 bracket. Appreciate the tip. Now, how do we get more season of The Expanse??
  16. Thanks for the warning. I saw the theatrical trailer for that before Dune. Looks like the biggest piece of sh*t ever made. I guess it's a niche thing.
  17. We only test people with symptoms. Our personnel that are out are either symptomatic, or caring for family that is sick. We're no longer getting presumptive DDL, and with short staffing, I can guarantee we have people working who are asymptomatic but would test positive. It's just nearly 2 years of working this sh*t is starting to mount up. We just don't make dancing videos and tearfull pleas on YouTube like the nurses....
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