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  1. Oh, you're getting the Mummy...
  2. He's gonna run a 4.77 whether it was today, the 15th, or Christmas day
  3. I get what you're asking, but in no way do I want a draft that takes 2 players in Defense up top. At all. And those were the choices. The fact that Davis was in 3/5 of the selections and your comments on him led me to believe you are desperately hoping the Jets select him. We have made these mistakes before, and very recently.... I just can't stomach the thought of trying to rebuild the '85 Bears in 2022 while thinking drafting 2 O Linemenand a 2nd round 5'8 receiver last year was enough to build a modern NFL offense IF the Jets were to go D with a first rounder, I would want one of the edge guys. But as of right now, while Moore has promise and we actually have some Average Starter level TEs for a change the WR corps is still pathetic imo. Like him or not, we are stuck with Wilson for a few years. If we want him to develop and to have a competent offense, it is imperative to select a player with #1 Receiver potential. Sorry I triggered you. I'm just tired of seeing the team make the same mistakes over and over, which triggered me. Whatever.
  4. Your right! Great idea! Another DT in the first round who tested great and is the "BEST PLAYER IN THE DRAFT!!" I mean, it's worked out so well for the Jets the last 6 times in the past 20 years they've gone that route while completely ignoring Skill positions Players..
  5. Treylon Burks as well..
  6. Jet_Engine1


    The Gamera in Watertown is fatal.
  7. Jet_Engine1


    Yeah, but in retrospect, putting lighter fluid in original run Snowspeeders, TIE Fighters, X-Wings etc and lighting them on fire for silly homemade movies was NOT great for their collectable values....D'oh! Also weird that I was somewhat of a Pyro as a kid (and then did Explosive Demo in the Army with Det cord, C-4, Bangalore, etc) and wound up a Fire and Explosions investigator....lol
  8. Jet_Engine1


    We would hot glue small plastic tubes to Star Wars ships and run fishing line through them from the roof of the garage to the other side of the yard and let them zip down the line ...and then do rudimentary stop motion stuff with action figures and At-Ats and stuff, throw in some firecrackers, smoke bombs and a bit of lighter fluid for "explosions" and make little war movies. Great stuff. We all thought we would be the next Lucas or Spielberg...
  9. Somewhere, Antonio Cromartie silently sheds a tear?
  10. I miss good Chinese food. Plenty of decent to good Japanese and Thai places here, and a smattering of Vietnamese, but any Korean and Good Chinese are impossible to find down here.
  11. Wait, Frank Gore WASN’T retired??
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