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  1. With A.J. Brown going on IR, that makes 5 of my originally drafted starters who have gone on IR this season. Ridiculous. I have become death, destroyer of players...
  2. You made a cooking metaphor and went with Rachel Ray as your example?
  3. Now I know what side of the argument I should be on. Thank you for weighing in, guy that is wrong about absolutely everything!
  4. Danny Dimes, gettin' guys sh*tcanned since 2019
  5. Remember when we drafted the last "FQB Savior" in the top 5 of the draft 3 years ago, and the Jets thought it would be super important for that guy to begin his career under a totally avoidable black cloud over offset language in HIS contract, regardless of the poor optics of a holdout over bullsh*t reasons and having the guys career begin with an embarrassing holdout and more "same old Jets" jokes....and then, and then repeated the same asinine process for the same stupid, pointless reasons this year?
  6. By your own logic, we may as well cut Zach today, because right now he's the 4th QB on the team and has been outplayed by White, Flacco, and Johnson. And don't tell me about "potential". There's still people here that think Geno and Darnold are worth a sh*t, and they aren't. So far, Zach looks like a fragile little boy that has no idea how to be a QB, and is terrified of the pass rush. Basically, a small, skinny Darnold.
  7. That whole "Terminator" thing was a perfect example of Rex’s stupidity. John Connor the Character was not the Terminator. John Connor was the enemy of Cyberdine, which manufactured "Terminators". But in Rex Ryans lazy stupidity, John Conner SOUNDS like John Connor, a character from the movie "The Terminator", so John Conner became, "John Conner, baby! THE TERMINATOR!! See my Fullback? The 'Terminator', baby!!" Just annoying.
  8. Rookie kicker nearly makes 55 yard FG in MetLife...hits the upright but 10 feet from the top of the thing. (Straighten that out and it's good from 70) Idiot Jets fans: DiS kIcKuH SucKs, bRo!!
  9. He started as a freshman, moved to LT his Junior year, only played 11 games in College at LT. Only made the permanent switch to LT after the Coaching staff challenged him to lose 30 lbs or so, got "down" to 360. Playing him at LT in the pros was always a stupid risk. He could be an all world RT, because he's a better Run blocker than Pass pro guy. Put him at RT and run behind him all day, and let Fant (who has MUCH better lateral quickness) play LT. Whatever.
  10. I was saying Becton was a RT since prior to the Jets picking him. He was an elite RT prospect coming out because of his size and run blocking, and the fact that he was a RT for 2 of his 3 years at Louisville. But then he ran that 40 and people lost their minds.
  11. "You people have no idea what you're even looking at! He DID his job perfectly! He had the G gap in the Zone read prevent 5 hole. That sack was nobodies fault. Fans are so dumb. That why we don't talk to you peons." -GVR post game
  12. In all honesty, would keeping Flacco for another year or two be horrible? Wilson is 21, Flacco feels ancient, but he's only 36. Allowing a professional NFL QB to play while a kid develops and a roster is built wouldn't be some awful thing....and after 10 years of complete trash, would give the Jets some respectability. Think Favre- ARod, or Vinny to Pennington (but hopefully better than Chad).
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