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  1. So, bring back the opening monolog from Virginia Madsen?? Yes!! "A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then...."
  2. The actual day hope died: Everything else since that moment has been death spasms. Darnold not panning out was the killing blow. Zach ******* Wilson is an afterthought. Hell be a trivia question in final Jeopardy some day.
  3. Yup. Nobody else would care. Herm is happy, Bowles is busy, Gase hates NY, Mangini is over it, Parcells forgot he ever coached them. Rex is pining for his High school sweetheart on FB.
  4. Action Zachtion. One of our recent, uh, converts. Think "Helen of Provo"....
  5. I hope so. I wonder if Momoa was signed to a multi-movie deal? That would be interesting....But in all honesty, the later story gets really out there. No-Ships and Kwizatz Haderach Gholas and Hybrid Leto. Weird stuff.
  6. Hmm. I have a feeling you have no idea who Snell is (not the poster), so maybe take a break today. Your boy has SUCKED so far. Deal with it.
  7. The less we know about Ginaz, the better. Brian Herbert wrote a book about Duncan Idaho at the Swordmasters school....and ruined it.
  8. I am also an aficionado of the Lynch Dune, but this is part 1 of 2 (I hope). Complaining that its incomplete is like saying you didn't like Fellowship of the Rings because it just kind of ends without a conclusion.... ******SPOILER ALERT****** Bro, Duncan Idaho dies during the initial battles for Arrakis fighting the Saudukar. Its Canon from the book. He goes out while ******* stacking bodies LAMF. How is portraying that a "cliche"? Its what happens to the character. I am perso
  9. Coaching by LaFleur and Co.? He'll just get worse.
  10. Who obviously told his Defense to go for the QBs knees. **** that piece of sh*t.
  11. Well, he has fun with his son watching the Jets embarrass themselves on Sundays, so.....
  12. Never said I was leaving the board. I've got ******* tenure at this point. I honestly hope the Jets lose every game they play by 40+ until the NFL gives the Johnsons the Sterling/Richardson treatment.
  13. Please. This is chess vs that thing at the Pediatricians office where kids slide blocks and shapes along those rails.
  14. Hmm A really smart guy was telling me just minutes ago how important that Quinnen Williams pick was...oh, look, another run up the gut for 10 yards....
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