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  1. Why the personal hate and insults?? Oh, and You're Welcome for my service..
  2. The Army injected so much unknown sh*t into me, whats one more shot.... Then again, I entered the Army at 5"11 175 and got out 6'2 225. Maybe I should have paid attention...
  3. Nah, the secret ID fairy dropped off our new, free IDs last night. Good thing, they're apparently impossible to obtain, and usually cost thousands and involve exams, feats of strength, and time travel....
  4. So, Bills Fans will NOT be going to Bills games?? Confused
  5. What about the Dude, thats Playin' a dude, pretending to be another dude??
  6. You couldn't be more wrong, but I don't want to argue about it with you. And you said it, "when you get together". We're in the Firehouse together 1/3 of our lives, not on Saturday and Sundays in the fall to drink and play fireman....and WPBFD is going on 130 years old....
  7. Arizona Cleveland Raiders Jax had a pretty crazy stretch a couple of years ago. Texans will probably accomplish the feat soon. Denver's quietly been an organizational sh*tshow for a while... De-TROIT must have, maybe more than once.. So, who cares. Hope the Jets finally have the right group in place now.
  8. A. There are still Volly Department's in Florida? Didn't know there were any left. B. Every Firehouse I've ever been in (as a Professional Firefighter) has the TV on after 5pm, and the crew watches the Evening News while cooking and/or eating, followed by Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Every. One.
  9. Been watching Jeopardy pretty much every weeknight I could since I was a kid.. I'd keep watching Aaron Rodgers, think considering its his 5th show ever tonight, he's been doing great and will only get more comfortable and better. I like Dr. Oz, he's a decently likeable, and obviously smart and comfortable in front of the camera. Hell, put will Farrell in as host, would be amusing. If that little ingratiating, self-satisfied douchenozzle Jennings is the pick, I'm out.
  10. I ******* DESPISE Ken Jennings. Can't stand that smug little bitch.
  11. Its not a bad idea buddy, but 3 First rounders all approaching their 5th year option and (optimistically) looking for second contracts would be complicated. I'm more for getting more 2-4th rounders to round out the roster tbh. Good conversation starter, though!
  12. Hes hiding in his safe space under a table....gotta give him time.
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