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  1. I am operating like I'm hitting the PowerBall tomorrow night... I am operating like Gal Gadot is on her way over to profess her undying love for me. I like operating!
  2. I assisted tackling Emmitt Smith when he played for Escambia HS and I was a SS for Cardinal Newman HS. He was good. So I've got that going for me.
  3. This is one of our Firefighters. She's way hotter than that girl in more ways than one.
  4. I was the Dragon guy for my Company 11C2 sub-MOS. Pop pop pop pop pop pop...
  5. X-Wing is F-18 Hornet. Does it all well. B-Wing is A-10 or C-130 Spectre Y-Wing is F-100 Thud A-Wing is F-22. Fast. Agile. Technologically superior. Cool looking.
  6. When you're slower than Eric Smith, Kerry Rhodes, Jamal Adams, CJ Mosely, Offensive Linemen, Utility Linemen, Catchers, Dog Catchers, Cat Ladies, and Russian Invasions, it's no Bueno. Iyi digil.
  7. I like Cine, but yeah. Anywhere but the 1st
  8. N'Keal Harry is the Jerry Rice of Nelson Agholors!!
  9. I think Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and Blackrock are good bets!! Stay away from Texas Instruments, though. Character issues.
  10. We got off to a rough start, you and I. But it seems we are of a mind.. Welcome to the board....and to Jets Hell!
  11. Captain Hot Takes doesn't have Wilson in his Top 5? How edgy! How avant-garde!! Douche
  12. This is a Chinook Helicopter. The old guys call it the sh*thook, but the COOL guys know it's actually called "2 Palm trees F*cking a Dumpster". It's true! @82nd Airborne @NIGHT STALKER Back a brother up! These guys don't know...
  13. I'm starting a new Metal Band, I'm calling it Thermobaric Diarrhea. Do you play guitar or drums??
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