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  1. I wasn't paying particular attention....but if the Doctor looks good at RG, we might be pretty set at OLine for now, will just need an upgrade at C at some point. Fant-AVT-C-MD-Becton
  2. They know "how" to tackle. They just don't care enough to do it correctly right now. p.s. That's worse
  3. If that's what it takes to clean house (again) of these incompetents, then make it so.
  4. Us? The people that are here in this asylum?? We are indestructible by this point. Incurable, but indestructible.
  5. Boy, you really knocked her down a notch... Thats some serious incel sh*t right there... To rebut:
  6. CBS sideline "reporter" Melanie Collins.... Jesus. Like, really? How come she has existed without my knowledge until now??
  7. The Helmets Utah is wearing tonight are absolutely magnificent. Absolutely beautiful.
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