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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158004367321099&id=552331098
  2. Just FYI: Official Hand size measurements, random samples: Zach Wilson 91/2" Aaron Rodgers 9 3/8" Joe Burrow 9" Lamar Jackson 9 1/2" Kyler Murrary 9 1/2" Sam Darnold 9 3/8" Justin Fields 9 1/8" So stop it, dumbasses.
  3. Hey look! The 2 worst posters on jet nation are having a circle jerk about a topic that is so stupid it is unbelievable!
  4. That's why hes doing a second pro day... so we can grow his hands more.........
  5. The future Jets Quarterback: Posters here currently calling him a "Beta":
  6. Well, he,will have a little help...OC, Passing Game Coordinator dude, several offensive quality control assistants, etc. A bit of a step up from the socially awkward cockeyed bookworm and his pet hobbit.
  7. We all heard you the first 8 times. Nobody else gives a ****....
  8. Well, If MLB didn't just commit suicide, its at best filling the bathtub with warm water....
  9. I don't know of you're new around here, but the Jets have been "addressing the defense" in every draft pretty much since 2002 or so. They just had to trade a 3rd overall pick because some a$$hole thought stocking up on Defensive Tackles and Safeties was a good way to support a young QB. Anyone looking for an edge rusher or Corner at 23 after drafting ANOTHER QB at the top of the draft just wants to watch the world burn.
  10. Best way to keep that from happening is fielding an above average O line that you can run behind while protecting the QB... see; Burrow, Joe Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback, 2020
  11. Geez, I didn't realize Walt Michaels, Bruce Coslett, Paul Hackett, Brian Schottenheimer, and Rich Kotite were still in the building!! Well, looks like things that happened 5, 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years ago are still completely relevant and applicable to right now! Sheesh. We have no chance.
  12. Take note: All the guys that got fired over the last few years, from GMs to multiple Head Coaches and staffs, they all got fired for basically the same reason... Failing to support the young Franchise Quarterback (You know, the guy you just traded away for about half the amount it cost the team to draft him...). So IF you DO draft Zach Wilson or any of the other young Quarterbacks in the draft, if someone in the room suggests drafting Defense at 23 or 34 throw him out of the F***ing War Room!! Support the QB!! And if we hired yet ANOTHER Defense Minded Head Coach that needs fi
  13. Because Kevin855 is kinda slow?
  14. Thats pathetic. Accurate and pathetic.
  15. 1998 was an amazing year all around. Might be the last time I was actually truly still happy.... ******* Anhedonia.
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