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  1. Saleh doesn't have the balls to tell them **** the score at this point, hurt those motherf*ckers.
  2. Lafleur shouldn't have any real responsibilities beyond getting his brother coffee.
  3. When they fire Saleh in 2024, they really shouldn't hire another DC to be the head Coach.
  4. What is it like to always be wrong and then act sanctimonious and angry about it?? Ever notice pretty much nobody agrees with your "takes"? That's because they're bad. Have a great Sunday!
  5. We've won around 5 games since drafting him.. Yeah. Just what they needed.
  6. Obviously, he doesn't realize it takes more than 3 games to see if someone actually sucks.
  7. I can't stand Dabo Sweeney. I can't stand inbred southern redneck, phony- religious Baptist creepio retards, and anyone that sticks with Dabo, (for "Dat Boy") as a name past 20 months old fits the bill. ******* sh*tkicker yokel. Anyway, I don't really like Dabo Sweeney.
  8. I think Brolin as Gurney Halleck is perfect casting.
  9. I love Dune '84. When I have reread the Book (Just Dune, I've never desired a rereading any of the follow up books) I "see" the characters as the cast of the movie. Its the only movie I have ever seen that has successfully combined camp and epic epicness. "Long live the Fighters!!" "FATHER...The sleeper HAS AWAKENED!!"
  10. Seeing this in IMAX this weekend. Have heard mostly very positive from the online guys I trust. Can't wait!
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