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  1. No, the message is, take it easy and don't wear yourself out, and you can escape this moribund organization.... lol. I kid, I kid.....?
  2. Tanking for the last decade has really worked out well for the Cleveland Browns.......lol Culture. You want a winning culture.
  3. Rodney Harrison is a sanctimonious scumbag. **** him.
  4. O-line needa to step the **** up big time in this game. And Gailey needs to science the sh*t outta this one. Give Fitz time. Quick slants, moving pocket. Don't try to run up the middle if Nick and Willie aren't ready.
  5. Rex is a degenerate. It's fun watching him fail, while still begging for the spotlight.
  6. I hope Chubby Herm pulls Cro out. That guy is done.
  7. Geno Smith "improving" storyline = "Vern (Gholstons) nuts are dropping...."
  8. They do need to change the makeup of the RB room. I love Ivory, but hes not a "Feature Back". His running style almost guarantees that hes knicked up for significant time. He needs a compliment to split carries with. Bilal Powell, Zach Stacey, and Ridley are all Jags, and they're all kind of the same type of Jags. Not particularly fast, between the tackles runners. We need a guy on the roster with real breakaway speed, who can pop a long one at any given time. A real change-up back with Speed. Aside from Ivory, none of our other RBs have a second gear, much less can they be a breakaway th
  9. You do understand that this is the same child that wanted to storm out of the NFL Draft, only to have his momma pull him back by the ear? The same child that decided to be an idiot on an airplane post 9-11? The same child that missed a pre-road game meeting on a West Coast trip and said he went to a movie and forgot to "set his watch", even though Cell Phones auto set based on their time zones? And you think the communication problem may lie with the sender rather than the receiver? OK.....
  10. Geno threw against prevent defense. The MINUTE the pressure was back on, he went into his patented Genoesque vapor lock, where he forgot things a decent High School QB does and ran out of bounds for losses of yards, scrambled around running backwards against phantom pressure, and took absurdly bad sacks killing his teams chances while conducting himself in his usual mopey and lethargic self. Dude is a LOSER.
  11. Geno Smith will be backing up Andy Dalton or Jameis WInston or some other place next year.
  12. Its "satire" by a Pats fan. They think cheating is funny, because the people of the entire region of New England have no character, Integrity, or morals. These are people that worship Bill Bellichick and voted Barney Frank the homosexual pimp and Ted Kennedy the drunken murderer to office over and over again.
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