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  1. Next thing we'll hear is that Rex has signed Ropati Pitoatua and Vernon Gholston. You know, cause he's smart like that...
  2. Is it possible that IK Emkenpali is team captain for both teams?
  3. Love Genos reaction on the sidelines after the first TD....guys jump ul and dow. All around him, little Lord Fauntleroy standa there holding his pads at the neckline, takes a step, looks down, spits. Bye bye, ****o.
  4. They yapped about Chip Kelly for a ******* hour. Assholes.
  5. I have a similar one here in Florida from a few weeks ago. Walked i to a local Duffys to pick up some wings for a Jets late game. The pats were playing the Bills and I stood and had a couple of Beers while waiting for my order, and of course there is a shrill, obnoxious Masshole Cow shrieking at the top of her lungs at every play, nonsense like "Block da bawl" and crap like that. Her boyfriend or whatever was silently cringing, and she was just a complete ass. Whatever, right? So I'm standing there shooting the sh*t about the game with some regulars, guy in a dolphins jersey and a Steelers
  6. I think people had so much invested in having to love this movie, that they are self-required to love it. It's better than the prequels for the most part, but that's not much of a bar to set. I hope the subsequent movies are, um, better.
  7. I wish I was there with you. We would have had fun.
  8. Having Ray Lewis as an "analyst" is a downright embarrassment and Emmitt couldn't put two coherent words together....but although he is hard to listen to, I actually like Steven A. Smiths point of view. He tells it like it is, even if it puts a target on his back....
  9. Is it just me, or is he just infinitely unlikeable? Just seems like a real sanctimonious, hypocritical douche.
  10. Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 has been fun so far. Casual gamer, just shooting people with a blaster as a Stormtrooper or Rebel Commando is fun...and I can drive snowspeeders and stuff? Fun.
  11. I also commented on the disparities of how the whistle is blown. As soon as a Patriot runners forward progress stops, the whistle is blown. Jets? The entire defense is allowed to swarm the guy and ass rape him, and then the whistle gets blown. It's so crooked.
  12. And if Brady had balls, he'd be a man.
  13. No, no, no honey....you're supposed to **** the OTHER team.
  14. There was a punt return towards the end of the game that featured a blatant hold aand a block in the back right in front of the side judge. No flags.
  15. Fitz gets rid of the ball quickly, and is great at climbing the pocket. He's the opposite of Geno. That has made the line look much better than in previous years. It's weird how compete quarterbacking influences the while team.
  16. You realize that Folk was a scrapheap kicker with a rep for being very unclutch also, yes?
  17. Didn't Kerley get time in the Raiders game? Maybe he and Fitz don't work well together. It is strange though, he's always been a serviceable player. Now he's been put behind Devin Smith (IR), Enunwa, Owusu (gone), and Thompkins. Damn.
  18. Youre just angry because the Jets won with their backup Quarterback.
  19. First off, I only mentioned occurrences of QB/WR combos who weren't able to match the Carter-Moss Combo record in the past decade. So yes, I do agree that the rule changes have a huge impact. But that really wasn't the point of the thread at all. Some "Jets Fans" here have a perverse need to denigrate our current QB who is literally having a Franchise Year for this team. The production of our wide receivers and Offense in general as reflected in that record show how good of a year the guy is having. That's all. Not trying to be a dick towards you. It just really wasn't the point of the pos
  20. Oh my God, you really are 1000 monkeys banging away on keyboards...
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