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  1. So, you don't remember when the Herm Jets let the Raiders start a game with 30 straight Running plays for about 1000 yards and 3 TDs??
  2. I was an a**hole to Matt more than my fair share, and I was was just being a jerk for non-Football reasons. Matts a decent dude.
  3. "Rebuilding"? Does that Jonah Hill looking ****tard know what "Rebuilding" is? New England has been in a constant state of Flux for 20 years. Constantly redefining itself, constant roster changes constantly releasing guys, cutting guys, bringing in FAs. The only true "Core" of that team was BB and Brady. They didn't F***ing "rebuild", you wheezy fat, ugly ****. They replaced 1guy with the ONLY Pro-Ready QB in the draft. Ass.
  4. That kid is going to be a problem for the next decade+, but we'll pretend that only Zach Wilson will ever have the opportunity and ability to improve weaknesses... "Big arm... fast release"... Thank Moroni!! I'll see myself out.
  5. 78 Cancer hit him like a freight train.
  6. Oddly enough, Ulbrich in German means "does not adjust/non-adjustable".
  7. About the 1991 Atlanta Falcons. A team that won nothing, did nothing really special, and outside of maybe 50+ year old Die Hard Falcons fans (of which there are literally thousands), nobody would have any real reason to care about...
  8. When it rains, it pours. Just found out my Cousin Greg died of Cancer at 55 the same day. Didn't even know he was sick. Jesus.
  9. His station was in Bay Shore...sold it when he moved to Florida in the late 80s. Found a pic of him from the Navy.
  10. We lost him this morning. Tough day.
  11. Please elaborate. Is he going to certain venues or working in them? Explain
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