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  1. Pennington was so good in Miami, they had an offensive assistant dig up his old H.S. playbook so they could run the Wildcat with Ronnie Brown in an effort to keep the ball out of Chad's weak, weak hands. Stop it.
  2. You're not being "cynical" about the Jets. You're calling posters "******* morons....******* losers", etc. You need help, man. You're treading near to GJ&H level insanity with some of your posts in this thread. Take a break.
  3. Same. Then again, the last "real" Jersey I bought was a Kris Jenkins #77 (QB CB,WR etc look ridiculous on 6'2 285 lb'ers lol) And of course, Big Jenks immediately went out for the season, turned into a china doll, and was never dominant again for the rest of his short stint with the Jets. LOL I'll stick with my throwbacks from now on...and Someday I WILL fit back into the badass Chrebet/Jets baseball style Jersey I've owned since March 1998.
  4. Was all in on Sam. Watched that Rose Bowl game, in awe of the 19 year old kid playing QB in a College game, looking like a FQB. And when he dropped to us and we drafted him, I went nuts! Couldn't believe we got "The Natural". I was in Indianapolis at a Firefighter Conference and watched the Draft with hundreds of Firefighters at a big Irish Bar. Hadn't been so excited about a draft pick in...years. And then it all went to crap. I'm done with getting emotionally invested in these guys. Too old for that. So, goodbye Sam. I wish you health and good fortune, but
  5. So, leave the board...right? I mean, if you're just here to be disgusted and contemptuous towards message board posters, and get no enjoyment from this and only care about "wins on the field", then why are you here day after day griping about people? Is it attention seeking behavior? I don't know, you sh*t on everything the team does, and sh*t on posters being happy about things the team does.. Is it cathartic? Whatever... best wishes to Sam, hope whoever the Jets pick is successful, and if people are happy, sad, or indifferent, who cares?
  6. Leg of Lamb, always. Made by my Father, full set of sides, Mashed potatoes, green beans, creamed onions, candied carrots, etc. and the best gravy you'd ever have. All home made from "scratch". With Red Wine and . Don't know how the man does it.
  7. Bro, I love his skillet, but regardless of who is under center and at RB, nothing good will happen until the O line is fixed and their are match-up dominator outside. And Defense is serviceable, and unlike Rex I think Saleh can actually field a good Defense without first rounders everywhere... 2, 23, and 34 ALL need to be Offense (Unlike taking a DT immediately after drafting Darnold, lol). Draft the QB and then PROTECT AND INVEST in the QB by supporting him. O Line is a must, and should be the priority after QB followed by ANOTHER legit outside weapon. E
  8. Could you imagine what Marino, Brady, Manning, Rodgers, or any of the other great QBs would be screaming at their O lines if they had been half as bad as Darnold was behind? What does Sam do? Pick himself off the turf, shrug, and tell Spencer Long, Winters, Beachum, Lewis, etc., "Good try buddy! We'll get 'em next time..."
  9. After 25 years, the U.S. Army finally corrected my records, and even sent the Southwest Asia Service Medal and the 2 Army Achievement Medals I was awarded during my first enlistment that were missing from my DD214 all these years... Thanks to the Army Review Board!!
  10. Thats my 9 year olds catchphrase. Hes a funny kid.
  11. People bagging on Wilson because of how he looks, while Justin Fields...
  12. NY'ers try to perpetuate an outdated reputation from 5 or more decades ago, made by people in neighborhoods that don't really even exist anymore. Its actually kinda funny. I'm from NYC but left a long time ago, gave me a different perspective on it. The only place I've lived in the past 30 years where the chances of actually getting into a fistfight (aside from the Army) are really high was when I lived in South Boston. And per capita, West Palm Beach has a far higher murder and violent crime rate than the City. The rest of the whole tough "New Yawkah" personna is just an affectat
  13. The Collective will assimilate your individuality and incorporate it....
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