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  1. That Ambulance movie looks batsh*t crazy. Almost as insane as a 48 I worked with Rodney Luscar on Rescue 5 back in November 2012....
  2. Meh. Baker was overdrafted, Sam was Overdrafted, Zach was overdrafted. Keenum was UNdrafted, so he's got that going for him.... Bigger question, wtf happened to Odell?
  3. I wanted the Jets to sign Keenum. Oh well.
  4. Are those Krauss heading east or west? Big difference..
  5. Brutal, isn't it. When other teams provide actual entertainment for their fans, and we're trapped in this cycle of futility. Enjoy with your son, its the only thing with value in the entire endeavor.
  6. You support a failed corporate subsidiary being kept afloat by the TV deals. They wouldn't care if nobody shows up, as long as that sweet TV money keeps rolling in. ST holders are now worse than irrelevant, you're rubes being swindled and laughed at by the real rich kids.
  7. Act low class, get treated like low class. Itinerant gypsies will never be successful.
  8. My two boys don't give a sh*t about Football, bores them to tears. That's a problem for the NFL. And this old guy turned to the evening News at 6. Haven't watched a full NFL game start to finish in a couple of years now.
  9. If its general human incompetence, why does it seem to always help the same 10 teams consistently? And I lost zero dollars. I have never bet on any sports aside from the random "squares" pools my friend does at his annual SB party.
  10. I'm old. It was WWF when I was aware of it.
  11. Not worth caring anymore. Its about as straight as Jai Alai. Why bother?
  12. Refs steal TD from Cowboys, TO on next play. This league is a joke.
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