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  1. An episode that can redeem and make Father Gabriel a heroic figure in a matter of seconds is simply brilliant. When he told his congregation that their prayers were answered, and they had to join in the fight was awesome. I love sh*t like that. The realization of the "little guy" that it's time to take a stand and fight? Hell yeah. Loved the whole episode, from start to ******* finish. Darryl with an RPG? Yes please. Abraham in perfectly tailored Dress Blues being a smart ass and gunning down walkers? Hell yeah. Coral losing eye? Sp
  2. Pac wanted me dead day 1. Why? Why would he want to kill me? I'm new here...strange that he would just want to kill me. Also, by his own hand, he wrote, "I have no problem being lynched". Oh, and I once got horrible food poisoning after eating a fried GFY fish. Awful. Vote: Pac.
  3. Copy. Thank you. Would never have gotten the Wifom thing. Hated the Princess Bride.....
  4. There is so much lingo here to figure out. Decyphering it all will be an interesting game in Itself.... QT? Wiform? Conversion? Is?
  5. CTM posting a Wikipedia article on the rules pertaining to a specific role is about as " trying too hard" as it gets. It's like a guy playing chess thats constantly pretending he doesn't know how the different pieces move, while setting up a Nimzowitsch Gambit. I haven't really started trying yet. I have the disadvantage of not really knowing most here, aside from what they think about Fitzmagic... As to the rest, I'll get back to you while I mull some things over.
  6. There are many that would agree with your assessment... But they don't play these games.
  7. Pacs already calling me out, and CTM is trying too hard. Both of them are trying to deflect attention in very different ways. I trust neither.
  8. I dont know why, but I keep seeing this image in my mind for this theme... .
  9. "Not to be used as home pregnancy test". Very confusing...
  10. I'm curious to hear Pacs reasoning.... I'm intrigued..
  11. Draft Scooby Wright. Dude is a badass, and Meniscus Surgery is nothing these days....
  12. In the top 10 discussion, they have to be... Didn't mean to sound like Yoda. Just happened.
  13. Even if Kaep came here, dude needs to get "fixed" by some intensive coaching. He needs to chill a year and figure out that you can't get by only on physical talent in The NFL
  14. I.dont think MacCagnan will mortgage the future. He'll find money in a smarter way, not the scorched earth, screw the future Bill Parcells method.
  15. How in Gods name is Brent Grimes playing in this game? LOL
  16. kyle Wilson VladDucasse Joe McKnight John Connor. FML.
  17. Bowles defense was better, and he didn't have have Ryan and Julio on offense walking in. Quinn's defense seems to rely on having pro bowlers all over the roster. Both had some game management issues, but imo Bowles was better and will be better long term.
  18. If I was sent to Detroit, I would have retired years ago.
  19. On that note, what the hell is "Powder Blue"? What powder is that specific shade of blue? Its meaningless. It's like saying water yellow. I know what Carolina Blue is, I know what Infantry Blue is (Hooah), but powder blue? And no, San Diego light blue jerseys aren't the best in the league, and powder blue sounds effeminate. Rant oover. Carry on.
  20. I would like to try this out. Always thought "Werewolf" would be interesting, but tbh don't know anything about "Daredevil"....
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