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  1. Our history of drafting USC Quarterbacks isn't stellar, either. The design of folding chairs and your gravitational force may be unchanged, but Darnold isn't Sanchez, and Howard isn't Kyle Brady.....
  2. They're doing it wrong. It was originally just so they could do all the players physicals instead of them doing it 10 times. Then, when Scouting started becoming less an art, and more a science, they started turning it into a track meet. Now, it's a freaking television show. It's pointless for major prospects from big schools, all it can do is hurt them, but they're in a position where choosing NOT to participate hurts them as well. Pro Days and individual visits along with Game Tape should be enough to evaluate the guys from the big schools. Use the combine in its original form for an assembl
  3. He would be excellent. Sam would appreciate it.
  4. Yep, and I think Hack will never amount to more than career journeyman backup, but I'll take the opinion of scouts, NFL teams and analysts and the empirical evidence of Hack staying at a program that was absolutely nearly destroyed after scandal when he could have left over the third hand stories on an internet message board about how some dude in my kids Poli-sci 101 class said that the High Profile, BMOC Division 1 QB of Penn State that looks like the human incarnation of Sterling Archer once was rude to a young lady at a drinking establishment because she rejected his advances.... therefor
  5. Yeah, and grunts badmouth Rangers, Rangers badmouth SF, and Squids sh*ttalk about the Douchebag SEALs they ran into at the bar... And yeah, Cops and Firemen still dump all over each other. LOL. The opinion of student body nobodies about guys on the Football Team that probably cock blocked them in a bar are about as irrelevant as it gets.
  6. I like Hackenberg, he seems like a good kid who stuck around in a bad situation. He showed loyalty and poise beyond his years. I hope he can get it together and one day realize his potential as a player....But not at the expense of the Jets future. I learned my lesson with FitzTragic, what I think about a player as a person is irrelevant, as long as he can be a positive and productive member of the team. What I think of some kid that I will never personally know is meaningless, so if throwing a good kid (Hack, Petty) to the wolves to ensure we can grab a guy like Darnold, and destroying the ki
  7. Yeah, but we want to get a shot at winning a Superbowl, not enjoy having grandchildren with the ******* guy. LOL.
  8. That he's inaccurate and inconsistent and while he's a high character guy with the physical tools, he was vastly overdrafted.
  9. I love all of the self-employed Football scouts talking about Watson being a "winner" and Trubiskys "consistency". I don't watch "tape" or break down highlights, I just watch the games. And watching the games showed me that Watson has a below average arm with poor velocity. The ball doesn't come out of his hand like an NFL Quarterback. It just doesn't. In the college game, playing a spread Offense, and throwing lollipop toss ups to Williams that works, but not in the NFL And Trubisky is boring. A sniozefest. Mitchell played boring, uninspired football against a bunch o
  10. Mitch Trubisky. Duh. LOL. If they draft one of these future afterthoughts and then blow the chance at Darnold, or refuse to draft him next year because "we're set at QB", I'll probably huff and puff about it on the interweb for years to come. Pleasese spare me the aggravation. Do the right thing.
  11. Ik Enmenkapali, Raj Kootherpali, does anyone really care? Lol
  12. It's really, really hard to be good at anything related to building a good football without a franchise QB. It's all rearranging the deck chairs until you find that key piece. If Mac has an eye on building a nucleus or a "shell" into which he can deposit, oh, say Sam Darnold or Rosen, then yes. Building a decent young O-line and some skill players in this draft with the expectation of player growth but not team success this year, then I'm all for it. But drafting one of the underwhelming QBs in this draft out.of knee-jerk reaction, OR being stubborn and grabbing another throwaway vet QB
  13. Kay Adams is a cutie. Beyond that, the show is reprehensible. Pete Schrager(sp) is a complete goon, and the other guys are douchebags.
  14. Don't think small.... Superbowl...Please. Bellichick and Brady and Co. are going for 19-0 and a walk off.
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