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  1. If any of this was true, Brady wouldn't have been a 6th round afterthought. They stumbled into drafting the greatest QB of all time. Bellicheat has a sub .500 without him.
  2. Antipsychotic medications can cause Tardive Dyskinesia. True story.
  3. Loved Dak in the draft, always was a decent kid but did something stupid and got a DUI at 22, and Cowboys get a top 10 QB in the 4th. And we draft... To be coached by
  4. Jets hire another DC to pair with another rookie QB, guy hires his buddies little brother to be OC, and we're surprised the QB isn't developing properly? lolJets
  5. So, they aren't the Colts. At all. Doesn't go. The Ravens are the Browns. A statue of Kosar would be more appropriate.
  6. Spoiled little rich girl that hates cops and "Capitalism". She's a solid 7 and stupid. Not great on the Matrix...
  7. Why the **** is there a Johnny Unitas statue outside the RAVENS Stadium? He has NOTHING to do with that franchise. Weird.
  8. Really?? She's not even in the same sport as Olivia Munn was, much less league. Plus, she's crazy. -20
  9. Rocket Mortgage Cat commercial.. My mom. All the neighborhood cats live in her front yard, she keeps planting catnip in the planters. My father has embraced the madness, and my kids love seeing all the cats. Made me laugh
  10. Will essentially be ignored by national sports "media" because it doesn't fit the narrative that Darnold was a great QB talent that was ignored, ruined and abused by the stupid and evil New York Jets. Lol. They'll say, "Darnold struggled against a tough Vikings Defense, he'll look to bounce back next week" and move on.
  11. And once again the Jets thought it was a good idea to hire another DC to pair with a top drafted QB, and are confused when the results look familiar....
  12. Off the top of my head? Justin Fields. "Hes so tough!" "He was thrown into a tough situation" Etc. As I said. Depends on the player and the current narrative. We did the same sh*t for Darnold for 3 years.
  13. Yes. 100% My favorite thing though is how the sports media douchebags were using Darnolds first 2 games to mock the Jets...and have switched to basically completely ignoring and not talking about Darnold now that he's playing exactly like he was in NY, but with a "better organization". I liked Sam as well. His failure in NY was basically the end of my die-hard Jets Fan life support. I've tried, but I just can't even make myself give a sh*t about Wilson. Or Saleh.
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