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  1. I'm so torn on this. Everything you say about contract etc. and new starts I agree with 100%. But watching Sam take the hits he's taken, and taking on defenders down field is not only admirable toughness, but I think Wilson would be broken in half. lol. I don't trust Fields. He's got all of the physical talent, but I honestly think he's mentally soft and his introversion doesn't work well in the NFL. I see a guy like him folding like a cheap suit in the NFL, especially the NY market. I just hope it all works out, no matter who winds up under center in September.
  2. I'll be 50 4 months from today...and I actually had to put a lot of thought into this because I've just been hedging for the last few months. Honestly, I want to trade down and build a team. We have Darnold for another year, and let's talk about the kid honestly and objectively for a moment... 1. Darnold as a prospect was superior to everyone in this draft not named Trevor. Athletic, strong, tough, arm strength, etc. As a PROSPECT, was considered #1 overall up to the second the Browns shockingly picked Mayfield. He was much more highly regarded than Fields, Wilson, and
  3. I'm gonna recuse myself from any further comment. I clearly didn't pass my Daubert Challenge....
  4. Can you even prove that he actually exists??
  5. Doesn't really roll off the tongue, but sure.
  6. Yes. That is indeed CJ Mosely.
  7. Rewatching the Wilson Pro Day. ARod 2.0 Draft him, Joe.
  8. Yeah. Screw Wilson. Lets draft that soft ass bitch that got so butthurt when he couldn't beat out Jake Fromm, he made up an "incident" to scare the NCAA into letting him transfer and play immediately for the best paid team in the NCAA. #mentaltoughness
  9. There's about 25 creepy old couch dwellers basically saying the kid pigged out on Taco Bell to weigh in heavier for today. Its ridiculous. The hate for the kid is dumb.
  10. I don't hate him. I just think he's a cowardly, malingering thief.
  11. Its called adrenalin and excitement. I'm a fat 50 year old man, but when I go to a ripping house fire, its just another day at the office for me... Meanwhile, the brand new 24 year old Crossfitter/BJJ kid built like a Greek God who has been Keto since he was 17 and can do "Murph" in under an hour and run up 30 floors with a 30lb weight vest on without missing a beat is sweating and hyperventilating like they have COPD and a bump of coke on board en route to room a and contents fire that older vets put out without even bothering to put on SCBA. But yeah. The 20 year old
  12. The youngsters from Overtown, Riviera Beach, Belle Glade, Pahokee et al may disagree...
  13. Sectarian violence and tribal warfare is hell on Earth. Unfortunately, some politicians here seem hell bent on bringing it here... yeah, I know... Anyway, sure. Draft the dude. Or not. Either way he's come a long way from Civil War in Liberia. Good for him.
  14. Well, this thread is pretty dead, much like the Star Wars brand under the "leadership" of Kathleen Kennedy and the garbage "Lucasfilm Story group", but I will say this...we've been at Disney World the last few days (Family trip), and as much as I dislike the Disney Star Wars product, the new attraction/ride is pretty damn cool. Very immersive. But the rest of Galaxy Edge is pointless and boring. And $14 for a 16oz Locally brewed pilsner? Just because its called "Gold Leader ale"? No. Jon Vander is not pleased.
  15. She also has class, talent and a great voice...but yeah.
  16. Bro, that's, like last century, man. And yes, everyone, including Madonna pretty much called her a skank. But solid virtue signling!
  17. A metric MeShaunda, or about 0.6 MeShaundas'. The typical increment of _'Shauns (or _Shawns) is a Pizarrur. Its science.
  18. You must be young. The Jets offenses from 1997-2008 carried the teams.
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