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  1. Ew. Why do ANYTHING in that post apocalyptic wasteland?
  2. Fields is a baby, Belichick will have him pouting in the bathroom in a week, calling mom and dad to come pick him up.
  3. And with it, so go the bitches....
  4. This is a level headed, rational, well thought out position on Free Agency and Contract strategy. There is no place for witchcraft such as this. We will have Kevin see you out. Good day, sir.
  5. Dude wants #1 money to leave Pburgh
  6. Simms has a very....odd manner of speech. I can't listen to him at all.
  7. Davis, Mims, JJSS, Crowder. Throw to the openest one. Neat.
  8. Who cares? He's a competent starting NFL receiver. More people are crapping on him than "talking him up"...most are basically saying, "solid player at a talent poor position. Cool". Relax with the agenda.
  9. Justin Fields is a soft spoken, emo mush introvert with a Jamal Adams hairdo, who was surrounded by the best talent in the NCAA.
  10. Short answer: JD knew Gase was a dead man walking from the get go, and didn't want to build a team in his image. He signed a bunch of hole fillers to 1 year deals. I have a feeling with Saleh and Co., it will be a bit different this year....
  11. "4-3" is a description of personnel, not alignment.
  12. You don't like Becton, Mims, Davis, Hall, etc? "This team" has existed for 61 years. This is Joe Douglas second draft. He has zero connection to the events of the prior years before he was hired. Weird take.
  13. Rivera is a smart Rex Ryan. He likes Power Football, with an offense based on the Running Game and play action, and a dominant D. I think Sam would be a fit for them, but I don't see getting anything better than #51(?).
  14. Trading out of 2 would give us....8, 23, 34, 51, and probably another day 2 pick or two. Maybe more. You could build a pretty damn good team around almost anyone that way. Is Sam average enough to be a top 20 QB surrounded by a sh*t ton of talent? Don't know. But having a top 3 Oline, real, actual talented WRs, a coherent offense, and a Defense that could actually generate pressure would be....interesting.
  15. When I retire, its gonna be shaved head with Goatee for life.
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