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  1. Thank you for your service, Stalker. Seriously. Thank you. I'm glad you made it back. 937 was a notorious SNAFU and a MF'er.
  2. I'm 50. Missed SBIII and have zero confidence in ever seeing the Jets play in a SB, Forget win one, in my lifetime. I HAVE actively discouraged my kids from becoming Jets fans. Seriously. I'm just here out of habit and to talk sh*t.
  3. I like your dad. Oh, and this is still my personal favorite.
  4. Watergate gate. According to their logic, Watergate was about water. Oddly enough, I had dinner at the Watergate years ago. French place. Excellent.
  5. Saleh and LaFleur are completely in over their heads. Saleh is a product of the Peter Principle, like Bowles and Rex, etc. LaFleur is a product of nepotism/association/good ol boy system.
  6. Well, whatever. I'll be blowing up cars and sh*t with C-4, Black Powder, and ANFO all week at a class, so I'll get out my frustration that way... Oh, I'm a CFEI, Mr. Agent Man. Relax.
  7. WTF is wrong with Zach?? I'll say it again. The loss of Knapp crushed the potential of this offense. Zach needs proper development.... a mentor in his ear, and an experienced playcaller. He has none of that from this LaFleur kid.
  8. WTF Happened? Went outside for a bit at 3-0, walk in 15 minutes later down 17.
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