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  1. We lost him this morning. Tough day.
  2. Please elaborate. Is he going to certain venues or working in them? Explain
  3. Rudy is a good movie regardless of the reality, even the apparent reality that they essentially "carried him off the field" as a ******* joke because the actual players weren't really big fans of him. But the story of my never giving up and chasing your dreams and all that garbage are good messages for kids.
  4. Thanks brother. He is. My kids are close to all of their Grandparents. Its gonna be tough. THe last 18 months have SUCKED.
  5. Seriously? He said that? He called him "Meek"?? JFC
  6. It's like Bang the Drum Slowly....only the drum is a chick.
  7. My Father in law is in Hospice.... Probably won't see the weekend. Great guy, emigrated from Turkey with my mom-in-law in 1970 with a few phrases of English and a couple of bucks in his pocket. Worked his ass off to build a decent life for his family here in America... my wife was born in Brooklyn, raised in Lake Ronkonkoma, and moved to South Florida when my wife was in High School. Suat provided for his family doing whatever it took, including owning a service station in Islip, a Sunoco... He never had anything handed to him, and since not many people in this country can even
  8. My God, that's actually really sh*tty. New York has NOT been a good experience for the guy.
  9. None of those are as bad as what you pretend to do.
  10. Cool. Does all of of this virtue signalling mean we're not getting 45 dropped on us again?
  11. Salehs career is on the line because he CLEARLY looks in over his head, his defense is a laughingstock, and his team looks unprepared to play on most Sundays. Bullying back at Rex just makes him look weaker and less competent. Its actually sad at this point.
  12. Is this real? Boy, really screams how confident Saleh is of his staying power. Maybe when Campbell gets fired in Detroit, he'll be moving along....
  13. No, but I don't expect teams up 30 to toss bombs and go for 2 with 5 minutes left. Saleh HAS CLEARLY rubbed the NFL Coaching Community the wrong way somehow.
  14. McCareins 2.0: McCareins was drafted by the Titans. In 2003, McCareins had a career year with the Tennessee Titans compiling 813 yards receiving along with 7 touchdowns and 47 receptions, adding one rush for 13 yards. He played an important role for the Titans, especially in their 2002-2003 playoff campaign, setting up the game-winning field goal in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers by catching 31-yard and 22-yard passes from quarterback Steve McNair to set up Joe Nedney's game-winning field goal. He is also one of only five players since the franchise moved to Tennes
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