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  1. 1 choice forgives decades of mistakes? Geez. Talk to my wife about that sh*t. You're very forgiving.
  2. Round 2, you say? Devin Smith Mims Stephen Hill Alex van Dyke. Shall I continue?
  3. Does the lady ever get Cable? I mean, I get the sex and stuff, bit afterwards, does she ever get Cable so she can watch HBO while eating the Pizza that was delivered? So anti Climactic.
  4. If Clifford Franklin is a one man cold, AB is Football Covid.
  5. Love it!! On another note, I don't really like Arians or his shtick, but I legit worry about the guy. He looks like a walking Heart Attack.
  6. A 6'2 guy that runs a 4.3 paired with Elijah Moore and Corey Davis playing power Outside WR? With a kid that can hit any spot on the field with his Canon arm?? Where do we sign up??
  7. Everyone is jumping on the Grenade. Extreme Ownership. Jocko would be proud.
  8. Are.. Are you saying he's Coaching to where Football is going??
  9. I swear watching Mosely play is like watching a highlight tape of Jonathon Vilma from 2006 with his 117 tackles most of them made 7 yards from the LOS. The numbers look good but the impact is pretty weak. It's a good time to take that that 4th round pick someone might be willing to give up for him after this season. That's actually an indictment of the DLine, not Mosely.
  10. 1. I would never own a guy. My lord, a gun? Why would I need one of those? Don't we have Policemen and a well trained military? Never! 2. I'm not allowed to tell you We're you interviewing to work for MIB?
  11. Best WR available then. I said 3 years ago, Take DK Metcalf, not a ******* DT. But NoooOoo, I was a big stupid!
  12. Zim deals with Monds feelings at practice.
  13. His Bar in Jupiter FL, Charlie and Joe's is awesome
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