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  1. Unfortunately there aren't any clowns in Jacksonville. Only Carnies. Lots and lots of meth head Carnies
  2. Whom does Bart Scott know in the Jets Oregon In 2022? The Cafeteria Staff and Janitors??
  3. No statements or accusations from me, but there have been more than one claim... https://www.sportscasting.com/revisiting-ben-roethlisbergers-sexual-assault-allegations-in-the-metoo-era/
  4. For my kids, it is. They "root" for the Jets out of sympathy for the old man, but my kids will never give a sh*t about the Jets in their lives. Sean is 10, Connor is 13. All they're seen of this asinine franchise is losing and Dad pissed on Sundays in the fall.
  5. I'm no expert, but there sure was a lot of smoke coming outta that one. Wait...
  6. Dr. Pancake has played far above what I was told he was. Love it.
  7. Come on TJ, break that fraud Strahans trash "record".
  8. The craziest stat line in NFL history is Namaths game vs the Colts in 70 or so. I think he completed like 7 of 11 passes for around 475 Yards and 6 TDs. ******* Legend.
  9. They're all the same. Whiney bitches looking for attention. We joke here on the board, but what douchebags like Greenberg and Joe B do is wheedling and embarrassing. If I was at a sports bar and heard a mope like that in real-life, I'd ridicule them until they left (and yes, I've done so.... to my wifes ever lasting horror) Yeah, I can be a bully, but ONLY if they deserve it.
  10. Oh, and Ben is beyond washed. He looks like a 400 lb girl who thought jumping into a CrossFit WOD was a good idea on Day 1 of her "journey" Slow, frustrated, and lost.
  11. Mayfield is trash and is holding a stacked team back.
  12. That was my Mayfield comp in 2018. People here insulted me in the harshest of terms.
  13. There is absolutely no way Idzik is actually going to draft 12 players!!
  14. But are they slap dick? I once heard thats the worst-case thing.
  15. That girl is too skinny. That's right, I said it. Maybe with his big contract he could take her out for lunch...
  16. I bet we're surprised. I wouldn't be shocked if Berrios signs for around $16 M total contract value. He's not stupid. He's got great rapport with the young QB, he's a core ST'er, but he's a 3/4 option in most teams, and will be next year behind Rookie #1 WR/Moore/Davis.
  17. I understand that's all the rage with the kids.
  18. Update on The Witcher season 2: Love it. Total guilty pleasure but really enjoying this season. Anya as Yennifer has even grown on me and Jaskier is over the top but funny as hell.
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