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  1. Yup. The punchable d bag rich kid QB of the Private school team that the ragtag group of misfits have to overcome their differences and learn to play as a team to defeat in the big game before the final musical number.
  2. The part where you quoted me and then talked about something completely different? That part.
  3. It was, against the Patriots a couple of years ago. Or last week. Its a ******* joke. The Competition Committee is just laughing at the Johnsons and giving them swirlies while the hall monitors act as lookouts.
  4. At least they looked like they belonged in the NFL. Now they look like the guys from Necessary Roughness and play like a powder puff team.
  5. I was actually excited for this game since Sunday to watch our new QB. I have learned absolutely nothing in the last 47 years.
  6. They look like a fake football team from a Disney movie.
  7. So, you have to "complete the catch", unless you aren't the Jets, then you really don't need to "complete the catch". Got it.
  8. "This defense needs to start exerting itself. " Come on, Troy. Everyone knows fat people don't like exertion.
  9. This moment Trash these sh*trags. They stink of failure and ineptitude.
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