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  1. Yom Kippur is the equivalent of Midnight Mass in the Christian Religion, do you think Christians would be outraged if the NFL scheduled the Jets or any team to play at 11PM on Christmas eve? well considering New York is the largest Jewish sports market and probably 10-25 percent of all season ticket holders are Jewish, I dont think it is a horrible request to ask to change the game from 4PM to 1PM, this is especially true since a week before you have the 2nd holiest day in the Jewish religion which many Jews wont be attending because of it yes religion is nuts and in a few hundred years they will laugh at our practices, but now since people are brainwashed you should accomodate
  2. I wouldnt be surprised if these viruses were created by the goverment to keep us inline and make sure we dont get to much power, or maybe the spyware companies themselves so people can keep coming back and needing updated versions, I am serious
  3. it depends what the alternative, is it living a decent relatively happy life until I am 80 years old where I make 50 grand a year and I am happy? I will take that I never understood why the super rich just want more, what the hell are you going to do with a billion dollars and 2 billion dollars that you couldnt do with 10 million dollars after a few million it is just ego and greed
  4. god do I hate prince,, and **** I ment to register for that pepsi contest,, I probably would have won
  5. the best part of this site is you dont have to spend $60 to search for old posts
  6. life ****ing sux,,, I dont know how anyone can enjoy life unless you were born into wealth or you are lucky enough to get a good job,, life ****ing sux,, I have been telling myself things will get better for the last 7 years but they only get worse
  7. Take my advice, do what you want to do, if you think you should leave your current school and work and go to community college do it, if you think you should take time off from school or not go to school all together do it. I probably wouldnt recommend joining the army though, but if thats what you want to do, do it... I wish I was 18 again, life goes fast once you get out of that under 23 school frame of mind...
  8. Insomnia, I suffered horrible Insomnia from November-January,, I literaly slept like 60 hours the entire month of January,, if I slept 3 hours in 2 nites I would be happy and I am not kidding either,, I was up for 48 hours straight on so many occasions I think the thing is you have to eliminate stress and get into a real structure in life and not do to many things you arent proud of,, I still fear going back to that state of mind
  9. Ha i hung around a bunch of times after training camp to get autographs and Cavka was someone who would come by alot,,plus the guy is huge and is a easily recognizable person,, I would also be one of the few people on the planet to recognize Doug Nienhaus and Mondoe Davis from 100 feet away
  10. Kind of funny seeing him walk around,, anyone ever see a Jet in a random place? I didnt say anything to him because I felt bad he got cut last week and he probably hates the Jets
  11. I bet Nugent is kind of hoping Jets either get a TD or turnover the ball
  12. why did that 1 referee who wasnt near the play come in almost giddy and did a hop and signal touchdown
  13. Brad Smith is awesome,, it is a matter of time before he is leading this team,,,
  14. add JetsJetsJets to the list of people who needs tickets but probably wont get
  15. this game was very depressing, sometimes you can fool yourself into thinking the Jets may surprise people and stranger things have happened, but I just dont see how this team will win more then 4 games
  16. game set match I think Clemens thought he was a Giant for a second
  17. I was at practice today and after a bunch of people signed, Coles came over and signed for a few people then he walked away, one guy yelled "Go back to Miami you bum" another guy yelled "You aint big enough to pick and choose"(meaning pick and choose who he would sign for) What the hell is wrong with people, dont they understand this guy is our #1 WR,, I also have some sympathy for Coles since he came out about his childhood problems last year so maybe he is still traumatized about that..
  18. I have a job I cant really say, I kind of like it but no one else likes me I am soon going to quit my job and I wont know what to do with my life, any suggestions?
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