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  1. A. I liked him a lot, if Lawson wasn't there, I would have wanted Lee for sure. He's gonna be real good.
  2. Ehhh...sure man. Don't need to get so defensive. I said it was very dumb and embarrassing for Dixon to call that the Superbowl for them. It was nice to see them not roll over and let the Jets walk into the playoffs. Don't be bitter over Fitz. We knew what he was when you got him, as did you with Rex. It is what is it. Fact of the matter, QB is more important than head coach in this league these days. Mike McCarthy wouldn't have got our roster to the playoffs this year. Great QBs make coaches look better than they are.
  3. Greg Roman and David Lee have been handling that. There has been clear development from the guy. Nothing is a lock, but I'm happy where he's headed as of now.
  4. I'm not too worried, I don't think we'll have the injuries as bad as we did this year, Taylor will have a full off season at the guy, and we'll likely get better fit players for the defense. It'll all depend on Taylors progression, QB is everything in this league.
  5. Jets had no business losing that game. Bills were missing 10 starters. Crazy. Fitz gonna Fitz when it matters though. Good luck with him...
  6. That was such a classic Fitz game. Late game important INTs. Seen that story way too many times. Great dude and all but he's not going to lead a team to the playoffs, ever. He's just getting older too. You guys had a very good season though, surpassed everyones expectations.
  7. We have no chance. On offense, we'll be without McCoy, Clay, our starting RG and RT, our #2 WR in Woods and our best special teams WR Easley. On defense, it's even worse. No Kyle Williams, Aaron Williams, Bradham (LB), Gilmore, Darby, and maybe Dareus. It's probably gonna be pretty ugly, the talent just isn't there at this point.
  8. I doubt it. Surprised they haven't IR'ed him. No reason to with a injured knee in a meaningless game.
  9. Tickets should be easy to get and cheap as the game means nothing for us fans. Forecast early is no snow, and like high of 30. Pretty easy weather for this time of year.
  10. The players will still give the effort, they did today atleast. The problem is, we are down so many starters, 10 or 11 I think it's at now, and will likely be more by Sunday, there's just not enough talent to win a game like this. Dareus left hurt today, and I doubt he'll play either. Jets will have the playoffs on the line and a depleted Buffalo team in their way. I don't see a way the Bills win this game.
  11. I'll never pick the Bill to beat the Pats with Brady. That being said, Lewis and Edelman combined for 247 yards against us in Week 2. Their line is also banged up. This is our best chance in some time to take them down in a meaningful game. Likely doesn't happen, but, they got a shot.
  12. He'll be fine. He's mobile, not a running QB. Watch our other games, you'd understand. The Jets defense is really good, and the Bills O had no good answers for all the blitzing. Made Taylor scramble more than he's had to all year. Luckily we had a nice day rushing the ball and got some turnovers. Taylor has been really good for us, 5-2 with him starting is the only stat line I care about right now. If they keep leading the league in rushing, we won't need him to throw 35+ times a game, but he could. Unless you have Brady/Rodgers when your QB is throwing that much, it's generally not a good thing. You're learning that with Fitz, something we knew all too much about. It's just gonna get worse.
  13. Eh.....I really don't care at all and had forgotten about it (Rex celebrating after the game) until I read this. It was a huge division road win, a game we had to have. Nothing wrong with it to me. I'm not offended easily.
  14. That was such a typical Fitz game Thursday. Love the dude, but glad he's outta here.
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