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  1. congrats on your 8-8 season and super bowl win! Now go out and celebrate!


     Ehhh...sure man. Don't need to get so defensive. I said it was very dumb and embarrassing for Dixon to call that the Superbowl for them. It was nice to see them not roll over and let the Jets walk into the playoffs. Don't be bitter over Fitz. We knew what he was when you got him, as did you with Rex. It is what is it. Fact of the matter, QB is more important than head coach in this league these days. Mike McCarthy wouldn't have got our roster to the playoffs this year. Great QBs make coaches look better than they are. 

  2. And if there's one guy you want to be the HC to develop a QB, it's Rex Ryan. He has such a great track record with that.

    Greg Roman and David Lee have been handling that. There has been clear development from the guy. Nothing is a lock, but I'm happy where he's headed as of now. 

  3. And good luck with Rex next season. Rex is the best coach in the NFL in the last game of the year when there is nothing on the line. Unfortunately for bills fans there are those other15 games you have to worry about.

    I'm not too worried, I don't think we'll have the injuries as bad as we did this year, Taylor will have a full off season at the guy, and we'll likely get better fit players for the defense. It'll all depend on Taylors progression, QB is everything in this league. 

  4. The players will still give the effort, they did today atleast. The problem is, we are down so many starters, 10 or 11 I think it's at now, and will likely be more by Sunday, there's just not enough talent to win a game like this. Dareus left hurt today, and I doubt he'll play either. Jets will have the playoffs on the line and a depleted Buffalo team in their way. I don't see a way the Bills win this game. 

  5. I'll never pick the Bill to beat the Pats with Brady. That being said, Lewis and Edelman combined for 247 yards against us in Week 2. Their line is also banged up. This is our best chance in some time to take them down in a meaningful game. Likely doesn't happen, but, they got a shot.

  6. Tyrod nearly got himself killed that game; can't be the better QB from the sidelines.  Running QB's just don't last.  Enjoy EJ Manuel for the stretch run.

    He'll be fine. He's mobile, not a running QB. Watch our other games, you'd understand. The Jets defense is really good, and the Bills O had no good answers for all the blitzing. Made Taylor scramble more than he's had to all year. Luckily we had a nice day rushing the ball and got some turnovers. Taylor has been really good for us, 5-2 with him starting is the only stat line I care about right now. If they keep leading the league in rushing, we won't need him to throw 35+ times a game, but he could. Unless you have Brady/Rodgers when your QB is throwing that much, it's generally not a good thing. You're learning that with Fitz, something we knew all too much about. It's just gonna get worse. 

  7. This game does not make or break our season. Our aim is the playoffs, not proving that Rex sucks. This is one battle, but it doesn't determine the outcome of the war - lots of football still to play after tonight. For both teams.


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    This game pretty much makes or breaks our season, that's for sure. We are @New England on Monday night football night week, which is a garunteed loss. We will be 4-6 after that game if we lose tonight. That can't happen if we want to make the playoffs. 

  8. Taylor only runs if he has to, and is very good about sliding or going out of bounds. He really hasn't taken too many hits. He hasn't thrown a ton in his 6 starts because we have generally run the ball pretty well, and haven't needed to, besides the Titans game where Boom Herron/Boobie Dixon were our tops backs. He throws a nice ball. I just hope he stays healthy, he's been a pleasant surprise. 

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  9. Look, the gameplan for this week is simple.  Let BUF win the race to turnovers and penalties.  BUF will have 2-3 turnovers this game, we need to keep ours to 0-1.

    Hmm...we didn't have any yesterday, and when Tyrod has played, we really haven't had many at all. Interesting to think we'll certainly have 2-3 Thursday.He's got 10 TDs to 4 INTS and 3 of them came against New England. 


    If Manuel was playing, well, then yeah, I'd say 2-3..

  10. McCoy is fine, and will be playing Thursday.


    That being said, we looked much better today as we got back a lot of our key players we were missing against Jacksonville. It's gonna be real tough going on the road with short rest in an emotional game. We have never done well on a Thursday night game. I'm gonna assume that continues. 

  11. Which injury gave up the TD to Blake Bortles at the end there?

    Missing our starting SS maybe? I don't know. It should have never happened, the 3rd and long play we got called for PI on Robey was complete garbage, he literally never touched the guy. Horrible job by the refs to give them a free first down and extend the drive. 

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