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  1. I'm really not worried at all. Yeah we're supposed to be good, but the loss to New England is nothing. They are one a tear, and the best team in the NFL. Cincy is 6-0 now and will likely be in the AFC title game. I don't think anyone here had AFC title game expectations. Wildcard game is really where we all thought the ceiling was for us, especially considering the questions at QB... Plus the injuries are really a major factor. We played the Bengals with our backup QB, backup SS, #2 WR, and then by halftime were without our #1 WR, starting RT and a starting DT...I don't really know how we
  2. I know you're gonna think I'm just an a$$hole Bills fan....but I still think Fitz will fall back to earth. He always does. He starts hot, and then just falls apart. It could very well begin this weekend against the Pats. I was a fan of his, and he won us some games, but he always does this. I don't know. I still think IK knocking out Geno was the best thing to happen for you as I think Fitz is better than Geno. Good luck, despite us competing with you for a wildcard spot, I can never root for New England. Take 'em down.
  3. LOL @ the QB controversy....there surely isn't one. Especially now.
  4. Ehhhhh, jury is still out on Rex for me. This season depends on who we get back from this mountain of injuries we have. Our schedule gets much easier the rest of the way. We've lost to the two best teams in the AFC who haven't lost a single game, combined. The Giants who are playing really well and will likely win their division. We have lots of guys out.We can very easily be 5-3 by taking down Jax and Miami at home.Right now even, the Bills have more or as many wins than 10 other AFC teams. Long way to go. I'm not worried. Yet.
  5. It'll be interesting to compare at the end of the season. We have faced Brady, and Eli (obv the common of Luck, Tannehill) thus far, the two of them have quite a few rings and are off to great starts. I think it's difficult to compare at this point, but we'll see.
  6. Fitz is always good at starting out hot, looking good, then teams catch on, he hits a wall, and becomes the middling career backup he's always been. Great dude, and is good for spot starts, but isn't built to play 16 games and take a team to the playoffs.
  7. Meh. Without Rex, our defense was also really good last year, and we still lost to them here and gave up like 37 points. We were able to shut down a great QB in Luck the week before. It's just Brady. He's the best there is, there's a reason he's the reigning champ, and has been atop our division basically forever. The Pats still own the AFC East until one of us can knock them down. I don't see any of us doing that this year, as of know. They look real good. That being said, we lost by 8, with 14 penalties, and 3 or 4 turnovers and our defense played awful. The sky is not falling. We st
  8. I know Jets fans made fun of us when he was the starter here, now years and 2 teams later, he's you're guy. Interested how everyone feels about him.
  9. Yeah, he certainly didn't last. Cut by Bills already.
  10. Meh, just some depth for now. Doubt he lasts all year. Ideally, he doesn't step on the field because we are healthy.
  11. That's about right. He's just not good enough to get you to the playoffs if he starts all your games. He's good for spurts, which is why is a tremendous backup QB. If you roll with him 16 games, you'll be lucky to be 8-8.
  12. Yes. 2008 and 2010 he won 10 of his 15 starts those seasons.
  13. Our team is already more talented than last year (returning 10 of 11 defensive starters, and adding McCoy/Felton and hopefully Clay), and we haven't even hit the draft or finished free agency. Cassel/Manuel just need to manage the game, like Cassel did in his multiple 10+ win seasons he's had. Missing out on 1 single player at a later 1st round pick isn't going to destroy us, we'll be just fine without it for a year. It's not like it's a top 5 pick.
  14. Fitz is a good dude, always hope he does well, except against the Bills of course! You know what you're gonna get with him atleast.
  15. Bills are just about done with a new deal for McCoy. This will lower than cap hit for sure, and help shuffle the money around here.
  16. There is no doubt we got better. Out defense was BETTER last year, without Byrd and without Alonso. We are adding a top RB in the league to our offense, which badly needs help, and taking nothing away from our top defense last year. Don't forget Alonso is coming off his 2nd ACL surgery, and the last 12 games his rookie year he was actually average. The first 4 is where he had a crazy run of games.
  17. He didn't sign today and is going on other visits. I'm not sure how I feel about it. He's probably one of the best options out there, but in such a horrible offseason for QB options, it doesn't say much. I think I'd rather have Locker, who despite injuries has a higher upside and is younger, to compete with Manuel. Though they could have a few guys come camp competing, which I think will be the case.
  18. Pretty much this. He also ****ed over all his assistants too, as a bunch now don't have jobs. So he gets his 4 million (maybe 2-2.5 after taxes?) and now can coach OLs, a position that regressed the worst in his tenure here, and was a total disaster. We didn't even have a single 100 yard rusher this season in a game. Hes a conservative tool, and he'll end up just being another random football coach.
  19. I'm not sure what he's going to do. He gets hurt a ton, and has only had that one good year. The potential is there, we've all seen it. He keeps tweeting like he's all on board with the Bills and Rex, but we know money will change that. I think the Bills let him walk, having Bryce Brown, unless they give up on him. Tough to see what he really has as our offensive line was horrific this season.
  20. Marrone is a so overrated, he's a gutless coward who is so conservative it sickens me. He was a control freak ( actually had to approve any pics/articles put up on buffalobills.com) and the players didn't like him. He preached loyalty and longevity and all this crap and bolted from two places after 2 years at both. He will get his 4 mil (less after taxes!) and take a consultant job with the Texans or something and good riddance to him.
  21. I have that T shirt if anyone here wants it....no joke. They were giving them away at a bar one night haha. I never wore it.
  22. Chan Gailey huh....he was completely out of football this past year. Interesting.
  23. Again, the season isn't even over yet. I don't think anyone can say right now for sure Manuel is our starter. Even so, he hasn't even started a seasons worth of games in his career yet.
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