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  1. Well, the season before, we ran a hybrid 3-4 under Pettine, which was basically Rex's D and were still extremely good. I have ZERO worries about the defense. There is so much talent there, Rex is good enough with defense to make it work. That's the last thing I'm worried about, the defense will be fine. We didn't run a true 4-3 anyway.
  2. It's tough to project the season right now, considering the current one isn't over yet. There is a full offseason ahead. There could be trades, and theres still the draft, free agency all to go. I doubt our roster will look the same come time for training camp, so we'll see. That goes for the Jets too. Who knows whats gonna happen between now and when camp begins.
  3. $500 sound good on the Bills having a better record than the Jets next season then??
  4. I will literally bet you anything or any amount of money on this. Please.
  5. I can't answer that right now. I need to see what moves we make in the offseason. We need upgrades the on the offensive line for sure. QB, no idea what their plan is. Manuel hasn't even played 16 games in his career yet. After the draft and free agent signings, I can then project a record a little better. If the offseason goes right, with this defense, playoffs will certainly be possible though.
  6. Rex brought in all the players on your defense? I didn't realize he was the GM also, since you know, that's who signs/drafts players for NFL teams...
  7. Your roster is so horrible, what HC do you honestly think would do anything there? Your GM destroyed your team. The defense was horrific and your offense, well we all know what that's like. It's the only team that made the Bills look great. You can resurrect Vince Lombardi, and give him the current Jets roster, and he does nothing.
  8. Your defense was awful this year, it's the only team we lit up both times. He had zero talent on that roster there. The Jets roster, especially defensively is much worse than ours. He's walking into a similar situation he got when he first arrived in NY.
  9. There are so many errors in this post, I'm not even going to bother. Regardless, I love the hire. I think Rex is a really good coach, and the GM in NY had assembled quite the sh*t ass roster there. Good coaches leave bad situations in sports, it happens a lot. Sometimes it's just time to move on and get a fresh start somewhere. I truly believe we upgraded at the HC spot. Marrone walking away benefited our franchise, I thank him for that!
  10. I would love Marrone to land in NY. I couldn't stand him, his attitude, his conservative-ness, and how the offense regressed badly from year one to year two. He rode the coattails of a great defense to our winning record, and with a average offense, we'd have been in the playoffs, which was his department. We can do better.
  11. I'm glad. He isn't the answer and isn't good enough to get us over the hump, it will force them to do something else, rather than be able to trot him out there in 2015..
  12. It's always fantastic to crush a Rex Ryan team, I just can't stand him. This has been a good season for that.
  13. Crazy here, we will be lucky to play the Browns next Sunday at the Ralph! This is a lock that our new stadium will have some sort of roof, hopefully retractable.
  14. Our season is pretty much shot, but this is a must win for the players and coaches. A bad Jets team, coming into our place, coming off two stinkers of games against some decent teams. I fully expect them to come out and win this game, and with Cleveland coming to town the week after, 7-5 isn't out of the question. The tie breakers are all going against us, and it's a long shot, but a win Sunday keeps things remotely interesting atleast. Fred Jackson should be back finally as well. Hopefully him and Watkins are healed up.
  15. I took Browns over Bucs in my survivor pool....seemed too easy, thought the Bucs put up a fight.
  16. No Altidore Sunday....however he isn't ruled out of everything yet.
  17. This guy can now be mentored by Belichick and Brady and turn into a superstar QB a la Cassel, Hoyer, Tebow, and Mallett.
  18. Sitting on our hands, waiting for players to take at 7-13 or somewhere in there where we've drafted the last 15 years hasn't worked, I'm all for being bold, trying something different and aggressive, and getting a legit #1 WR for the first time since probably Eric Moulds.
  19. Good call... He just got traded...haha.
  20. Speed? Check. Explosiveness? Check. Great hands? Check. Physicality in both yards after the catch and to get off press coverage? Check and check. He is an instant impact type of player. He was the top guy on their board, and per Schefter, he was #1 on multiple teams boards. Absolutely love it.
  21. Exactly, Exactly why I'm glad we kept all of our picks this year, making the move.
  22. Couldn't disagree more. We got the best offensive player in the draft and the 2nd best player behind Clowney. Couldn't be happier.
  23. Well said. You're spot on.
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