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  1. Really disagree on Khalil Mack being a bust. He is a physical specimen who has set NCAA records, and his best games of his career came against the big time opponents, most notably, Ohio State. He is a natural pass rusher, and especially in the right system, could make quite the living on Sundays terrorizing QBs.
  2. Lots of catches,but he basically averaged 66 yards a game receiving as the #1 guy for Tom Brady for most of the season. They have the role down. Welker out, boom, next small white guy in!
  3. Good points by you guys. I'll probably go with Flacco only because Cousins hasn't played a full game yet this year, but will likely grab him in case he does well, for next week.
  4. The only one available that you've listed is Cousins. The rest of the top FA chart looks like this...Eli Manning (@Sea), Schaub (@Indy), Pryor (@KC), Manuel (@Jax), Fitzpatrick (vs. Ari), Glennon (vs. San Fran) So the other options aren't that great. Two guys grabbed Big Ben and Tanny early this week, likely to screw me over.
  5. I'm in my semi finals....RG3 is toast, so my options this week are Flacco vs. Detroit on MNF, or Carson Palmer @Tennessee... Palmer has been solid and cosistent, but faces a tough pass D on the road, where Flacco has been better as late, and has a worse pass defense to deal with. I'm torn.
  6. I can't believe the regression of Smith since that Monday nighter in ATL. He has been brutal. Looked so promising then. Still got some games to get things working in the right direction but he has some work to do.
  7. We'll likely be even closer to that spot after this week with our bye, especially if you guys and Miami both lose. We'll be in the thick of it with the a super easy schedule ahead in ATL-TB-JAX our next 3....it's a long shot, but were not dead yet.
  8. Are we good? I dunno. Are we bad? Not at all. Our defense is worlds better, we've had some bad injury luck with Spiller, our rookie QB, then his back up as well. Byrd missed the first handful of games too. Now everyone is back and healthy with the roster they planned on and they look pretty decent, for having a rookie QB, rookie head coach and rookie OC. Things are finally looking up for us, and we have some easier games coming up with ATL/Tampa/JAX. Just wanna keep seeing progress.
  9. If we still don't get a long term deal with him (I think the Bills will change their tune on just paying him a big deal) then we'll certainly franchise tag him atleast another year. There's no doubt in that.
  10. The home thing is extremely true. 3 of our 4 wins are there, and each loss was a very tight game (Cincy. NE, KC)
  11. Maybe blowing off pre game preparations and going to Dave and Busters wasn't such a good idea?
  12. Man David Nelson really showed us. On a day we were down our top 2 WRs, him having a nice day might have actually been noticed. He was invisible though. Nice guy, but no worries letting him walk. Very replaceable.
  13. I'm guessing Goodwin's average with Manuel went up after yesterday. That kinda stuff is what we had in mind for those too. Goodwin played great in relief of Woods and Johnson.
  14. What the hell was that? Rex and co. had an extra week to prepare, and we didn't have our two best WRs....that was wild.
  15. He's been pretty solid. He has good hands, and has made some nice long TD catches. They aren't using him a ton, but he also missed some time with a broken wrist, so that didn't help. You'll see a lot of him this Sunday though, that's for sure. It's just a question of if Manuel can get him the ball in space. I like what he brings though.
  16. Yeah Johnson's not going to play either. We'll have to rely heavily on Jackson and Spiller, and when that gets shut down, it'll probably get ugly when TJ Graham is your #1 WR. Yikes.
  17. Robert Woods is out Sunday. Stevie hasn't practiced all week. That could leave us with Graham, Goodwin, and Hogan as our top 3 WRs going into Sunday. That's really, really, bad.
  18. I think the key will be just shutting down our offense again. This team plays really good at home, 2 of the 3 wins are at home, and every home game has been close. Manuel is coming off his worst game of the season, so he's got a huge challenge ahead against Rex's D. I think it'll be close, but the Jets win. Which is fine for me, I'm more worried about seeing good things from Manuel. We aren't going to the playoffs, so seeing progress from young guys, while still getting a nice high pick is what I want.
  19. Meh, he was decent, but replaceable for sure. Never had any issues with him, good kid. Lots of middling WRs out there like him though. He wouldn't have helped us not be 3-7 either.
  20. Thanks for the advice. Yes, it is a PPR.
  21. At my last flex spot, do I go with Steve Smith vs. a crappy Falcons D, or the hot shot Marvin Jones against Miami on Thursday night?
  22. He is fantastic to listen to, I love him on MNF.
  23. Seems like almost every team is rumored for Josh Gordon. Byrd for Gordon is the rumor here....not likely, though moving Byrd could be..
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