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  1. We were overpowerd, out coached, and out played at every posistion. I dont think any of the players really care anymore, atleast they dont show it. The only thing we can hope for is JP getting vaulable time he needs to get ready for next year, and we should get a fairly high draft pick to get a real solid O-lineman or D-Lineman. As for Sam Adams, you can have him. He's too old and doesnt nothing anymore, he barley plays. For the money he makes and will want, I'll pack his things for him, hes done.
  2. Wow, what a moron. He'd root for Canada if he doesnt make the team because hes not good enough? He should just go and try and make their team, haha. The could have 2 full teams and place medals with both I'd bet.
  3. How about them Sabres huh?? They are tearing it up baby!
  4. This is classic. Everyone knows how much Teddy is a true American Hero right? Well, you might have heard an audio clip from a local radio station here in Buffalo that rips Teddy apart and makes fun of the big deal ESPN makes of him, heres the link for it, listen to it 1st, the 2nd link will make more sense. There was a thread here with this in in earlier, but i figured i'd re post it. You'll love it when you listen 1st then look at the 2nd! http://eod.liquidviewer.com/wgr-od/wgr/20051031_bruschipbp-1.wma Heres Teddy in action, being a true hero!! http://bruschi.ytm
  5. Thats from a local radio station here in Buffalo, WGR 550. They have 2 diffrent ones now. The second one is even better. They made them after the love fest put on for the pats on our sunday night game at foxboro. I love it.
  6. The kids a tank, but stay away, hes ours!!
  7. Yeah it is just you, he'll be gone top 5 no doubt.
  8. Dude what are you smoking?? Horrible QB? Are you insane? That might be the dumbest statement I've seriously ever read. Young is 168/268 for 2576 yards with 23 TDs and 9 INTS for a QB rating of 165.0. Hes also rushed for 793 and 8 Tds. Yeah thats a horrible QB, he must be doing SOMETHING right to have those stats and have his team be 11-0
  9. After watching both play in Buffalo this year, I think Alexander the Great is a better overall player at this point. He can pass, although theres not much to pass to, score almost at will, and he hits, and hits hard. Hes a great player to watch, and can't wait to see him here next year.
  10. The Bills won't get it. They'll give it to the stupid Dolphins.
  11. 3 Games huh? how about one against the Jets.
  12. Jets 13 Bills 17 One Special Teams TD, along with a Willis run and 25 yard Lindell FG.
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