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  1. I thought his comments regarding Brandon Marshall were funny and legit.
  2. Right now, Wilson 22nd in total points scored in my league for QBs. Matt Ryan is 4th. Alex Smith is 11th. However, you bring up a great point about Ryan with Jones now out, I can't believe I didn't consider that. My worry with Wilson is they are a run heavy team and don't really pass a lot. Harvin back would help but thats still a few weeks away.
  3. Pryor is also an option for me...right now I'm leaning Smith I think.
  4. Got Matt Ryan on a bye this week and can choose from the following, who do I grab? Russell Wilson vs. Tennessee Alex Smith vs. Oakland Joe Flacco vs. Green Bay Carson Palmer @ San Fran Need some help here...
  5. Yeah we're in trouble, and with Manuel out, it's like the games are even more meaningless than they are. It just seems without him getting reps and learning and developing, it's just going through the motions. Hell of a game by Smith last night for you guys too. I've been a critic of his, but he played great.
  6. American League: Oakland over Detroit Tampa over Boston Oakland over Tampa National League: Pirates over St. Louis Dodgers over Braves Dodgers over Pirates World Series: Oakland over Dodgers What you got?? I might edit, and feel free to do the same after the wild card/play in games are done before the ALDS officially starts.
  7. That's good for you guys, Smith needs all the reps all season. Don't need to have Butt Fumbler creeping in the background on the sidelines.
  8. Yeah he was a really nice slot guy for us, then blew he knee out and we didn't resign him. He signed in Cleveland, played in their 4th preseason game and then they let him go too.
  9. Butt fumble #2...behind the back edition, that was something.
  10. When the Bills are away (since I have season tix for the home games) I watch a lot of the redzone channel, especially in the time slot they aren't playing it, it's all I watch. So awesome.
  11. Bo Burnham has a MJ Fox joke, I was gonna post it, but I think I'll pass...
  12. He tried to rid the Pacman name, and has actually been playing really well for them. However, sometimes things never change.
  13. No, this was by far his worst game of the 3 so far. He has thrown a few deep floaters in the previous game, but this was the more frequent and inaccurate he's been. I noticed that too, he just kinda kept throwing up jump balls, and most ended up out of bounds. I think it was exactly that, the pressure. He had already taken tons of sacks, so instead he's getting rid of the ball sooner than he wanted too and just kinda heaving it up, which could turn out a lot worse. I think even when he had time he was nervous, just from being pressured so much. I would have like more designed roll
  14. The Jets came to play and the Bills didn't yesterday. Rex had the right pressures dialed up to keep the offense off balance. The Jets defense is still really good. Even though Spiller didn't play in the 2nd half, he was still held to nothing when he was out there. Our LG Colin Brown is the worst lineman in the league, PFT has let us know that and it showed even more yesterday. The only "excuse" I can come up with, was our pro bowl safety was out, our #1 CB was out and then our #2 CB in McKelvin left in the 1st quarter. However, smartly, Geno keyed on Justin Rogers who is hor
  15. Ha, yeah some snow will randomly fall then, I trick or treated in the snow before. Fair enough, no issues with the Jets or their fans, they are my least hated divisional foe.
  16. As for people bashing the city of Buffalo, I'd gladly house you and show off the area. WNY gets a bad rap for some reason, I guess because it isn't a bustling epi center of business or fashion, or because it sometimes snows a lot here. There so many beautiful areas, and lots of awesome stuff to do here, and the people couldn't be nicer. I think most people that have never been here, from out of town end up leaving with a different opinion. Of course not everyone, but most. I like it the way it is, if it got too big it wouldn't be the same. The water front is awesome and getting bet
  17. From yahoo....I'm sure you guys will have a feast on this lol..the 8 reasons are in the link.. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/eight-reasons-better-buffalo-bills-fan-york-jets-142600520--nfl.html
  18. Bills fans = Bills win. Jets fans = Jets win. Gonna be interesting...lol... So I'll go Bills win 17-13. Wouldn't be shocked to see it the other way around either.
  19. Yup, our defense is worlds different and better, mostly because of Pettine and the addition of some new guys in Lawon, Alonso, and Hughes. It still hurts not having our best DBs out there, in Gilmore and Byrd. With those two, this defense would be fantastic. It'll be nice to get them back soon. Regarding defenses and pressure, this is a great read... http://mmqb.si.com/2013/09/19/nfl-sacks-pressures/
  20. Bob Melvin again, that roster, and Cespedes isn't really doing a ton this year, nor is Reddick. He's awesome and the A's are someone you don't wanna see in October with their pitching.
  21. I'm very curious about this game. I think both fans bases fully expect their respective teams to win this game though.
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