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  1. You're in a weird sort of place now, aren't you Ginger? You're not quite sure, and you don't want to get caught on the wrong side of this one. Years from now, comedy will set in, when you finally figure out that it never really did matter whether it was Kaysar or Quaysar. There is a very simple test but what fun would it be for me if I helped you out of this little quagmire.
  2. Sounds vaguely familiar. Soon, he'll declare himself at 85% and the countdown to 100% health will begin. I'm figuring around August 15th, or so.
  3. He's not JUST African-American. He's also the sports writer with the single quickest trigger finger when it comes to screaming racism. This was a surprising article from that fat %@#$.
  4. You just wait. We're going to find out in the final episode that Tony Soprano is really a middle-age housewife from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and this whole HBO series was one big dream sequence.
  5. Well, I can't say I know what happens. I DO know that Tony somehow gets healthy enough to travel cross-country next week. This is the episode description from my channel guide for this coming Sunday: Man, if that was a dream sequence, I'm going to put a shoe through my television screen.
  6. I hope you're right, because there's a Russian still running around in the snow, a skillfully-crafted FBI lamp planted in Tony's basement, and a big, fat, gay, capo, still waiting outside Yankee Stadium to take Meadow's fiance to a game. EDIT: By the way - there's a nasty rumor going around that we just saw the last episode; That they're going to work backward from this one. To me, it sounds just too far off-the-wall. Even for Sopranos.
  7. That's just it - they never do. They leave things hanging all over the place, because the writers don't bother to coordinate their episodes. Except for the last 10 minutes, that show was a horrible disappointment. 21 months! 21 months, and THAT's what they bring? Sopranos has an arrogance that it can do do just about anything and fans will eat it up. So we have to put up with hanging ends, poor storylines, artsy nonsense, dream sequences, Dr. Melfi's billionth discussions about Tony's mother, Bacala in a choo-choo hat, and (next week) Janice breastfeeding. I'll give it one more week, and then I'm out.
  8. Isn't Chatham's claim to fame clobbering a streaker during the Superbowl?
  9. Hehe. . . the patience you JN fools have had this last month.
  10. Vince's reputation came by way of a test. Bradshaw's no Norman Einstein, but his reputation for stupidity was a creation of Hollywood Henderson trying to break his balls. "Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted him the "c" and the "t"."
  11. I'd say "stupid" before I'd ever say "unreasonable." If you're considering his contribution to that team and not the payscale for kickers league-wide, AV deserves every penny. Where he misses is that his endorsement deals survive his contract. He could be pimping Papa Ginos and Fords until he's old and grey - something he wouldn't get in any other town, and something he won't be likely to get if he leaves for another team. We hear about how a player's career is only so long, so he has to suck as much out as he can when free agency arrives. This is one of the exceptions. His career in NE will go on for 30 more years if he just doesn't leave.
  12. There's a good deal of friendly crossover between the two. I come here to support JN, much as Max, Smizzy and several others support TGG.
  13. Vince Young: "A rumor is a rumor to me. . . " Shaun Alexander: "Tests are tests to me. . . " Just what the hell kind of award is this Maxwell Award, anyway?!
  14. So, wait, the Patriots were schooled by the Arizona Cardinals? What? A temporary lapse of judgment in Geniusland?
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