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  1. people who like basketball and / or don't have a terrible home team.
  2. i do too use yahoo, I just don't click on the one's that have A+ across the board.
  3. yep the nfl is fixed. the nfl payed the falcons to lose the game. and that blocked punt, they cheated by using a madden cheat. the falcons played a terrible game tonight, and the saints played their best. but even with this game fresh in memory, Im confident that if we played them on monday, we'd win.
  4. lmao, you guys can be so gullible to say it nicely. Wow, wheres a link? hell, tell me where you got it? notice how kffl gives nothing what so ever like they do with most links. this is just some writer pulling your strings. He'll probaly more than likely miss this game, though it is rumored by some that he'll play, but he'll be playing by week 3.
  5. abe was impressive and his injury at the end of the game wasn't a stupid move. 1, kerney 1 of our 3 des got injured and 2, if he didn't get hurt, this wouldn't be an issue. as for our total defense. the scary part for the qbs we play is we got all that pressure without patrick kerney for the most part in the game. he playd less than 10 defensive snaps and our d line still dominated theirs.
  6. its great and well worth. i admit. watching full games and a couple other minutes of games between commercials can be alot in 1 day, but thats why there is a week between each game. plus if you're a hardcore fan like me, you gotta see your team play every week.
  7. I say Hanley Ramirez. all of those teams are pretty good but Hanley, even though he is a leadoff hitter, doesn't have much protection behind him.
  8. how I hate valentin...now hes doing good...dodgers could use a decent switch pinch hitter
  9. yeah, if the jets are in the top 5, I don't see how they cannot take him. But then again, rb is also an option. I personally like Barlow, but even I know he can't be the main guy. his best year he was splitting carries 60-40 with hearst. But then again, he hasn't had much to run behind in SF.
  10. the problem with Duckett is hes inconsistent. Some times he looks like the truck he is running people over, and sometimes, he looks like what many of us on the atl mb have dubbed him as...Twinkle Toes...
  11. right now, easily papelbon. as for the nl, its ethier.
  12. i've played ff for 3 years now and I've finally gotten a place in a brand new keeper league. rules are: 14 teams Starers: 1 qb 1 rb 1 rb/wr 3 wr 1 te 1 kicker 1 defense scoring is usual, wr yard and rushing the same Problem is, I pick 14th. Im hoping and praying that an elite like fitz falls to me, but I plan on take a good young wr and rb of course. any suggestions on who is a great keeper league pick in the 1st. the rest i could work my ay through. and in case you're conufused, i have the 14th and 15th overall picks.
  13. QuikVick_26


    I wouldn't say I bowl alot, though i've suddenly gone two weeks in a row, but if you can't break a 100 after 3 games, stop bowling....seriously
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