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  1. I haven't been to JN in a while, but you guys are the only New Yorkers I know. I'd go if I could! https://uk.movies.yahoo.com/bill-murray-is-working-as-a-barman-in-brooklyn-073227574.html
  2. And you guys are all awesome people. I mean that. Can't say it enough. A real inspiration to people like me.
  3. Is anyone worried about how *quickly* VIII began filming? How do you come up with a good/fresh story that quickly?
  4. My kids are begging for it -- but I want the 3d bluray/dvd combo. *Why* would they hold out on 3d?
  5. This week didn't have much action, but it did move a lot more. I'm still here! Gotta say though, In the real world, i don't see a girl like her so committed to hanging around with a goofball like Jimmy.
  6. True, but with a tiny 10-episode season I want something "important to the series" to happen in each one. I'll be tempted to start skipping episodes if it's just going to be another hour of angry stares and chin-rubbing. And once they've driven me to the point of skipping episodes, I'll probably, reluctantly, stop watching.
  7. I can't bring myself to call it terrible because I love all the characters. But it's going wayyyyy too slow for being 6 episodes in. Disappointing.
  8. Crap. I was hoping to sell the last of my y2k survival kits.
  9. And their socks never show above their shoes. And their shirts have little straps so their rolled-up sleeves don't fall down.
  10. There's something for everyone. In the 80's, some guys listened to Air Supply. Some even worked out in leg warmers. Now those guys have Dancing with the Stars, Muse, and electronic cigarettes.
  11. Just my opinion-- I think they're the same..but each band's appeal comes from a different perspective. Zeppelin has an amazingly original sound that provides a clinic on Rock's blues roots. But personally I found them too edgy to really reach me. In their time, they seemed more tuned in to bullies and the 'tough guy' crowd. The Who's songs weren't as unique musically, and their sound was more 'pop'. ...but Pete Townsend authored them to have interesting messages, and the albums often had continuity & storylines that were compelling.
  12. Once again, we courageously battled for 9-10 wins and avoided the tyranny of a good draft position. The wild card game is our super bowl. First round byes and home field advantage is for sissies.
  13. I'll say this about Trek vs Star Wars, people in the Federation have a better handle on child-rearing. Not one person in that galaxy knows who or where their kids even are. They can fly at light speed, but haven't invented a DNA test?
  14. I like the realism of the new movie, especially the part when R2D2 gave birth to BB8. Gross and weird, but "real".
  15. The jets have always been mediocre. A few highs & lows, but think about it -- if there was an award for hovering around 9-7 we wouldn't have any competition. This year, it's different. Wait..my bad, no it's not.
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